Esport1 extends broadcast agreements for esports events

Esport1 extends broadcast agreements for esports events

1. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Esport1 issued a press release announcing that its broadcasting agreements for the biggest esports events have been extended. Among the companies Esport1 has extended its broadcasting contracts are Riot Games, ESL Gaming, and BLAST.

Esport1, a Hungarian media company, has decided to cover esports events. It has long been responsible for covering the world’s biggest esports tournaments.

Esport1 extends broadcasting agreements for esports events

Thanks to the renewal of its broadcasting agreements, Esport1 will continue to bring all the most exciting competitions to all esports fans in Hungary.

It is important to note that Esport1’s broadcasts are aimed at Hungarians, as this is the language in which the broadcasts are done.

In Esport1’s press release, it was only informed that the broadcasting agreements with the three companies had been extended. However, it has not been disclosed how long these agreements are for.

Other information revealed in the press release is that Esport1 will bring to all CS:GO fans in Hungary the BLAST Paris Major that starts very soon. But that’s not all; LoL fans in that country will also be able to enjoy the League of Legends World Championship.

About Esport1

Esport1 is one of the most important esports organizations in Hungary and Eastern and Central Europe. The organization, for its part, runs an esports news website and also specializes in creating and producing content for various tournaments.

Esport1 is also known to many people thanks to its work on one of the biggest esports events in the region, the V4 Esports Festival.

On the other hand, Esport1 has been broadcasting the most important events in the world over the years. The organization signed its first agreement to broadcast in Hungarian with ESL Gaming in 2019. Since then, it has not stopped bringing the best content for all Hungarian esports fans.

Esports events to be broadcasted by Esport1 in 2023

As part of the recently signed agreements, Esport1 will bring the ESL Pro Tour to Hungary in 2023. But that’s not all; they will also be in charge of broadcasting The Tippmix CS:GO Masters and the EPT circuit.

In addition, thanks to Esport1’s agreement with Riot Games, LoL fans will be able to watch all the most important LoL competitions, especially the events in Europe. Among the events that Esport1 will broadcast are the MSI, EMEA Master, the LEC, and the Worlds.

On the other hand, Esport1 will also broadcast the latest CS:GO Major organized by BLAST, the Paris Major.

Comments on the recent broadcasting agreements

Esport1 COO Dániel Hodozsán has commented that each agreement signed with major esports tournament organizers demonstrates the quality of their work. He also adds that Esport1 has long been responsible for excellent quality broadcasts. In conclusion, Dániel Hodozsán says that all Hungarian esports fans can look forward to the broadcasts by 2023.