ESL Pro Tour Dota 2 Points Table: Qualifying for Riyadh Masters

ESL Pro Tour Dota 2 Points Table: Qualifying for Riyadh Masters

2. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The ESL Pro Tour (EPT) stands as the premier professional Dota 2 circuit in 2024, comprising six monumental tier 1 tournaments, including online DreamLeagues and LAN ESL One events across the globe.

EPT Points serve as the currency for teams, enabling them to secure qualification for additional tournaments and the coveted Riyadh Masters. Let’s delve into the EPT Points leaderboard to identify the top teams vying for a spot at Riyadh Masters.

EPT Points Leaderboard

Riyadh Masters 2024

Here are the top 20 teams leading the EPT Points leaderboard as of March 1, 2024:

  1. Gaimin Gladiators: 4840 EPT Points
  2. BetBoom Team: 4840 EPT Points
  3. Xtreme Gaming: 4200 EPT Points (+3360) – Three Azure Ray players migrated to XG and brought ESL One KL points.
  4. Team Liquid: 3578 EPT Points
  5. Team Spirit: 3240 EPT Points
  6. Team Falcons: 2520 EPT Points
  7. G2.iG: 2002 EPT Points
  8. OG: 1480 EPT Points
  9. Shopify Rebellion: 840 EPT Points
  10. Team Secret: 721 EPT Points (-234) – Made two roster changes. MidOne and yamich out, Kordan and Ekki in.
  11. Aurora: 660 EPT Points
  12. Tundra Esports: 630 EPT Points (-880) (-780) – Dropped 4 players.
  13. Entity: 616 EPT Points
  14. Blacklist International: 420 EPT Points
  15. LGD Gaming: 420 EPT Points
  16. HEROIC: 378 EPT Points
  17. 350 EPT Points
  18. 1win: 322 EPT Points
  19. Talon Esports: 280 EPT Points
  20. Azure Ray: 175 EPT Points (-4800) – Three Azure Ray players left the team.

Riyadh Masters: The Ultimate Showdown

riyadh masters 2024 announcement 6660

Riyadh Masters serves as the pinnacle of the ESL Pro Tour, bringing together the finest Dota 2 teams worldwide. This colossal championship not only offers substantial prize money but also crowns the Esports World Cup Dota 2 champion, with Riyadh Masters officially joining EWC as the premier Dota 2 tournament.

Scheduled for July, Riyadh Masters will host the top teams from the EPT Points leaderboard, earning them a direct invitation to this prestigious tournament.

Understanding the ESL Pro Tour

The ESL Pro Tour (EPT) represents the apex Dota 2 professional circuit of 2024, encompassing all ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) tournaments, including DreamLeague and ESL Ones.

This expansive open circuit allows teams to accumulate points for enhanced tournament participation. However, the ultimate goal remains securing qualification for Riyadh Masters, hailed as the successor to the esteemed The International (TI).

With the EPT Points leaderboard constantly evolving, the race to Riyadh Masters intensifies, promising unparalleled competition and unparalleled rewards for the world’s top Dota 2 teams.

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