ESL Pro League Group C: Wins for OG, Vitality, NIP & FaZe

ESL Pro League Group C: Wins for OG, Vitality, NIP & FaZe

10. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

In the ESL Pro League Season 17 the games of the groups A and B were played and the games of the group C commenced now. OG, Vitality, Ninjas in Pyjamas and FaZe were able to get their first wins. For Vitality and FaZe it was a clear thing. For NiP and OG two matches were enough, but they were much more competitive. We have summarized the players of group C for you!

OG defeats 00NATION

On the first map, 00NATION’s pick held up well against OG. They were put in their place by OG’s solid CT side in the early stages with a score of 7-1. 00NATION tried to mount a comeback and also managed to win five rounds. The Brazilian team then lost the Pistolround, but didn’t let that upset them. Lucas “nqz” Soares was able to win a 1vs3 clutch and with the help of Marcelo “coldzera” David, the map went into overtime. But here 00NATION could not hold back and with 22-18 the map went to OG.

On Mirage, OG was able to build up a lead again and it was 9-1 for OG. 00NATION fought back, but could only get a few rounds against the strong team of OG. They will play Vitality in the Upper Bracket semifinals today at 4pm.

Vitality destroys Grayhound

This one-sided series went down to Inferno, Grayhound’s pick, and was really almost sad to watch. Without much resistance, it was quickly 11-0 Vitality and Grayhound could only win three rounds by the end of the side. Also in the second half they could only secure one more round and with 16:4 the first map went to Vitality.

Things didn’t really go any better for Grayhound on Vertigo either, where they managed to win four rounds in the first half. Vitality was just too strong and destroyed all chances for a win for Grayhound. They traded sides with 11:4 and after another one-sided half the Series went to Vitality with 16:5. Will they be as strong against OG today?

NiP secures the win against paiN

The Series started on Nuke, the pick of paiN and was relatively close. paiN put up a good fight against NiP and secured 6 rounds in the first half. The Brazilian team grabbed an early lead but couldn’t hold it and NiP took 9 rounds thanks in part to an ace from Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen. In the second half, however, the Ninjas could not continue their strong run and with seven rounds each for both teams, the map went to NiP with the final score of 16:13.

The second map was played on Vertigo and was almost like a repeat of the first map. paiN was able to build a 4-0 lead at the beginning, but a quad kill by Ninjas in Pyjamas player Fredrik “REZ” Sterner turned the tables again. With a score of 9-6, the first half went back to NiP. In the second half paiN was able to reduce the deficit again, but it was not enough for the overtime. Again with 16:13 the second map and with it the Series went to NiP. They play today at 19:30 against FaZe.

FaZe dominates against Rooster

FaZe is of course one of the favorites in every tournament. They hardly gave their opponents Rooster any chances to make moves. The Series started on Nuke and after an early lead of 3:0 for FaZe, Rooster was able to equalize again to 3:3. After that, however, FaZe got serious and only gave away one more turn until halftime. With 11:4 the sides were exchanged, but it didn’t get any better for Rooster.

They could only get two more rounds before the victory went to FaZe with 16:6. On the second map, Inferno, things went better for Rooster at the beginning, who were behind with only one round after the first half, but that changed later. With 8:7 for FaZe it didn’t look so bad for Rooster, but unfortunately they couldn’t win a single round after the change. So the Series went to FaZe, who will play NiP next and let’s see if they can stand up to it better.