ESL Pro League 2024: Viewership Soars by 20% Compared to Last Year

ESL Pro League 2024: Viewership Soars by 20% Compared to Last Year

14. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The ESL Pro League 2024 saw a significant increase in viewership, with a 20% growth compared to the previous year, thanks to a shortened season and engaging content.

Record-Breaking Viewership

Season 19 of the ESL Pro League (EPL) marked a significant milestone for the tournament, achieving its highest average viewership since Season 16 in 2022. According to Esports Charts, the average Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) viewership this season was 154,967, a remarkable 20% increase from 2023.

Despite a slight dip in peak concurrent viewers for the grand final between MOUZ and Vitality on May 12, where over 370,000 fans tuned in, the overall engagement was notably higher.

Successful Format Changes

A primary concern within the CS2 community had been the extensive duration of the EPL, with previous seasons spanning over a month.

In response, ESL Pro League Season 19 was condensed into a three-week format, significantly boosting viewer interest. The tournament featured 24 teams, with matches broadcast over two streams, maintaining high-paced excitement throughout.

Enhanced Entertainment Value

ESL invested heavily in enhancing the entertainment factor of the EPL, incorporating well-produced skits and engaging content. The casting and hosting talent were given creative freedom, resulting in a series of short skits that resonated well with the community.

These clips featured top CS2 players and mimicked popular culture and films such as “Fight Club,” “The Lord of the Rings,” and “Dune.”

The creative approach delighted audiences, with one fan commenting on Reddit: “The production with all those skits, casters, and atmosphere really makes it a huge and entertaining experience even without a whole arena full of crowd.”

cs2 epl19 winners

Stellar Performances

The core of the excitement was the competitive CS2 action. Young guns MOUZ delivered an almost flawless performance, cruising through the group stage and playoffs to claim their second consecutive EPL title.

MOUZ’s captain, Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek, was named the MVP of the tournament. Meanwhile, Vitality’s superstar ZywOo, who had an impressive run with a 1.70 HLTV rating leading up to the grand final, was ultimately brought back to earth by MOUZ’s dominance.

Looking Ahead: Season 20

ESL Pro League will return to Malta for Season 20 in early September, once again adopting the successful three-week format. The anticipated continuation of this format promises another thrilling season filled with top-tier CS2 action and engaging entertainment.

MOUZ Dominates Vitality in ESL Pro League Grand Final, Securing First CS2 Title


For fans and participants alike, the condensed and enriched format of ESL Pro League has proven to be a winning formula. As the community looks forward to Season 20, the focus remains on maintaining the high level of competition and entertainment that has set a new standard in esports tournaments.