ESL One Birmingham 2024 Breaks Records as Most-Watched ESL One Dota 2 Tournament

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Breaks Records as Most-Watched ESL One Dota 2 Tournament

1. May 2024 by Never

ESL One Birmingham, a renowned Dota 2 tournament, wrapped up on April 28th with a bang, setting new records in viewership.

The event not only featured exciting upsets and spicy all-chats but also attracted significant viewership numbers, making it the most-watched ESL One Dota 2 tournament in history by a considerable margin.

Viewership Highlights

ESL One Birmingham 2024 amassed an impressive 11.7 million Hours Watched, surpassing all previous ESL One tournaments. This achievement includes eclipsing the viewership of the 2019 ESL One Birmingham, which garnered 9.7 million Hours Watched. Here are the top 5 ESL One tournaments ranked by Hours Watched:

  1. ESL One Birmingham 2024 – 11.7 million Hours Watched
  2. ESL One Birmingham 2019 – 9.7 million Hours Watched
  3. ESL One Los Angeles 2020 – 8.2 million Hours Watched
  4. ESL One Katowice 2020 – 7.9 million Hours Watched
  5. ESL One Birmingham 2018 – 7.5 million Hours Watched


Peak Views and Playoffs Consistency

In terms of Peak Views, ESL One Birmingham 2024 secured a spot in the top 3 among all ESL One Dota 2 events, standing behind ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 and ESL One Birmingham 2019. What sets this year’s tournament apart is its consistent viewership throughout the playoffs compared to previous events.

Factors Driving Viewership

Several factors contributed to the unprecedented viewership of ESL One Birmingham 2024:

  1. Favorable Timezone: The tournament’s timezone aligned well with major Dota 2 language groups, particularly English and Russian, enhancing accessibility and viewership across global audiences.
  2. Location and Community: Returning to the United Kingdom sparked enthusiasm within the local Dota 2 community and attracted fans from neighboring regions.
  3. Exciting Group Stage: Lengthy tiebreakers during the Group Stage, such as simultaneous three-way and four-way tiebreakers, added significant airtime and engagement to the tournament.

ESL One Birmingham 2024: A Testament to Dota 2’s Enduring Appeal and Future Promise

Ultimately, the success of ESL One Birmingham 2024 reflects the enduring appeal of high-quality Dota 2 esports and sets a promising tone for future tournaments in 2024.