ESL Masters says goodbye to its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league in Spain

ESL Masters says goodbye to its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league in Spain

18. September 2023 by miranda angeles

After laying important foundations and creating a strong national ecosystem in Spain, ESL Masters says goodbye to its league. This means the end of an era of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

ESL says goodbye to CS:GO League in Spain

A couple of days ago, ESL Spain announced the cessation of all Spanish CS:GO league activities. Right now, the organization is preparing for the imminent arrival of CS2, so the national leagues in different areas are closing their cycle with CS:GO.

For its part, ESL Spain officially announced the conclusion of the ESL Masters of Counter-Strike. ESL Spain has published a very special statement that brings back wonderful memories of the entire competition period. After almost 7 years of competition, the Iberian CS:GO league concludes its journey and closes a chapter facing the beginning of a new journey for the national CS2 scene.

Major epochal change for Counter-Strike

The whole world is experiencing the transformative power of Counter-Strike, and Spain is not exempt from this power. ESL Masters Spain is jumping on the moving truck with the rest of the world. ESL Spain’s CS:GO chapter ends with Counter-Strike 2 just around the corner, and the organization is excited about good news.

“These are not times of change, but of changing times” has been the term used by ESL Spain to introduce its press release, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Since its creation in 2017, ESL Spain has run the Spanish league for 13 seasons. In 2019, Portuguese Counter-Strike teams were added to create the Iberian League.

Among the most successful teams of the CS:GO era of competition, we have Movistar Riders. The organization with the largest representation in the history of the Spanish Counter-Strike, this team has five titles. During their golden age, they won four in a row and became the first Spanish organization to compete in a Major, which brought them even more success.

In addition to teams like Movistar Riders, For the Win Esports, and SAW, the ESL unveiled important and talented Spanish Counter-Strike players. For example, Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia is one of the best Spanish players who has reached the top of international CS:GO after countless hours competing in the domestic circuit. But these incredible stories only encourage the emergence of new ones, heralding the beginning of a new era.

ESL Masters Spain will return after the release of CS2. However, at the moment, no date has been set. This farewell is nothing more than a turning of the page, necessary to start writing a new chapter, as the Iberian CS league will not disappear entirely.