Epic Games Store’s Upcoming Freebies: What Gamers Should Know

Epic Games Store’s Upcoming Freebies: What Gamers Should Know

17. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the competitive realm of online gaming platforms, Epic Games Store has strategically positioned itself as a major player. With their aggressive approach to offering free games, they’ve garnered significant attention in the gaming community. Let’s dive deep into their recent offerings and what’s coming next.

The Bold Strategy Behind Free Games

The realm of online game sales was once predominantly ruled by Steam. For any newcomer, the challenge was to carve a niche and establish credibility among a discerning audience. Epic Games Store, the brainchild behind the Unreal Engine, faced this challenge head-on.

The solution? A bold marketing strategy that involved offering free games to its user base. The aftermath? An enhanced reputation among gamers and unparalleled visibility on social media platforms. Whenever a significant game is set to be released for free, the online buzz becomes palpable. Such initiatives have ensured that the Epic Games Store remains at the forefront of gamers’ minds, especially when thinking of the best places to obtain free games legally.

This Week’s Free Treasures

Starting from October 12th, Epic has graced its users with two exciting games: Blazing Sails and Q.U.B.E. Ultimate Bundle.

Blazing Sails

Set against a pirate backdrop, Blazing Sails offers a competitive multiplayer experience. It boasts various gameplay modes, with team battles and battle royale being the most notable.

Q.U.B.E. Ultimate Bundle

This bundle presents all the content from the first two installments of the first-person puzzle series, Q.U.B.E.

Anticipated Freebies for the Coming Week

Come October 19th, the games set to join the free roster are Eternal Threads and The Evil Within.

For those eager to grab these games, the process is straightforward. With an Epic Games Store account, visit the game’s page either via their website or application. Add the desired game to the cart, and proceed to checkout. And voilà, the game gets added to your library, free of charge, forever.

Keep an Eye in the Epic Store!

Epic Games Store’s initiative of providing free games regularly has undeniably reshaped the landscape of online gaming platforms. It serves as a testament to the power of understanding your audience and strategically leveraging promotional tactics to foster loyalty and attract newcomers. Gamers are advised to keep a keen eye on Epic’s offerings, as there’s always a chance for another blockbuster title to be featured.