Epic Games and the Fate of Rocket League: The End of Trading?

Epic Games and the Fate of Rocket League: The End of Trading?

11. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Since its launch in 2015, Rocket League has established itself as one of the most popular and beloved video games by its community. This admiration is partly due to its uniqueness, but also to the opportunity it offers players to trade items, a feature that is about to disappear.

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Epic and its Controversial Decisions

Talking about Rocket League means discussing a unique experience in the world of video games. However, with Epic Games’ recent decision to eliminate item trading, the game could lose one of its most cherished features. Although the possibility to trade items has evolved over time (initially, players could obtain random items through boxes), it has always been an essential component of the game.

Trading not only allows the circulation of items but also gives life to a virtual economy based on credits. With this decision, each item will be permanently linked to an account, eliminating the possibility of trades between players.

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Community Reactions

The community’s response has been, unsurprisingly, overwhelmingly negative. Streamers and professional players, in particular, have expressed their discontent, as many of them benefit from trading items and from sponsorships related to external exchange pages. Moreover, removing trading seems to drift away from the essence of the game that they have loved since its inception.

Epic Games’ reasons center on standardizing the policy across all their games and, curiously, on “bringing Rocket League cars to other future games”. These reasons, however, sound insufficient to a community that fondly remembers when the game peaked at up to 146,000 players, a figure that has significantly decreased over the years.


The Future of Rocket League?

Despite these controversial decisions, Rocket League remains a benchmark title in the world of esports and a video game that has no equal in terms of mechanics and ideas. However, the imminent removal of trading could be a blow from which it will be hard to recover. The community hopes that Epic Games will reconsider its stance and listen to its loyal players before it’s too late.

The end of the Game?

It’s crucial for game developers to listen and take into account the opinions and concerns of their player base. While business and strategic decisions are essential, they should not compromise the essence of a game or disappoint those who have supported it since its beginnings. The community hopes and wishes for Rocket League Ranks to continue being that exciting and dynamic title that captivated thousands and that it doesn’t become a mere memory of the past.