End of the Road for Yuzu: Nintendo Wins $2.4 Million Judgment, Halting Distribution and Development

End of the Road for Yuzu: Nintendo Wins $2.4 Million Judgment, Halting Distribution and Development

5. March 2024 by Never

Nintendo and the creators of the popular Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu have reportedly reached an out-of-court settlement regarding Nintendo’s lawsuit.

The outcome dictates the cessation of Yuzu’s existence, with developers agreeing to pay $2.4 million to Nintendo to avoid a legal battle. Reports suggest that Nintendo has emerged victorious, successfully halting the development and distribution of the prominent emulator.

Legal Background

The lawsuit primarily centered around the emulation of Nintendo Switch games on PC and Android through Yuzu. A key issue was the emulator’s requirement for the installation of the console’s firmware, containing proprietary information.


This violated Nintendo’s Terms of Service (TOS) policies, prompting the company to pursue legal action with the aim of eliminating the emulator through legal means.

Settlement Details

The settlement reportedly involves Yuzu’s developers agreeing to a payment of $2.4 million to Nintendo. As part of the agreement, Yuzu-emu.org, the primary domain associated with the emulator, must be permanently relinquished.

The court order also prohibits the use of any variant or successor of the domain controlled by the defendants. Furthermore, it restricts the defendants from operating any other website or system, directly or indirectly, that involves or damages Nintendo’s intellectual property.

Reported Settlement Between Yuzu and Nintendo Raises Questions on Legal Precedents: Official Confirmation Awaited as Industry Observes Piracy Battle Developments

While leaked documents suggest the existence of this agreement, an official confirmation from both parties is still pending. The reported settlement raises questions about potential precedents in legal battles against piracy and emulators within the industry.

The resolution comes shortly after Yuzu’s response to Nintendo’s initial legal action, where the emulator remained accessible on its website. Yuzu’s developers, Tropic Haze, indicated that they had engaged legal representation and intended to respond to the motion within the stipulated 60-day period.