Encounters: Everything You Need to Know About the New TFT Mechanic

Encounters: Everything You Need to Know About the New TFT Mechanic

20. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the enchanting world of Fables in Ink, TeamFight Tactics players delve into a universe teeming with powerful spirits and surprises. With the release of TFT patch 14.6, an exciting new mechanic joins the game: Encounters. These special rounds offer a variety of unique experiences that can drastically alter the course of the game.

Exploring the Essence of Encounters

Encounters are pivotal moments during the game that can either lead you to the central island, known as the Carousel, or provide you with options during the planning phase, granting rewards or modifying aspects of the game. With over 80 unique Encounters available, each game in Fables in Ink becomes a unique journey filled with surprises and challenges.

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The Diversity of Encounters

These special rounds can range from small bonuses, such as rerolls or additional gold, to game-changing transformations that significantly alter the rules of the game. All players experience the same Encounter in each game, although their rarity may vary, meaning some will be less common than others and will have a greater impact on the game.

Timing and Mystery

Encounters can appear at any time, from phase 1 to 6, and will not be revealed in advance, requiring players to adapt on the fly. However, a new Encounter panel provides a helpful overview of each Encounter, as well as the choices made by other players.

Types of Encounters and Examples

Carousel Encounters:

  • Galio: Adds an additional defensive component to Carousel champions.
  • Hwei: Creates a Carousel filled with 5-cost champions.
  • Ornn: Grants each champion an artifact item.

Group Encounters:

  • Ashe: Reveals your next opponent in the following 3 battles against players.
  • Kobuko: Invites players to dance, offering better rewards as more join.
  • Sivir: Makes all Strategists swift.

Individual Encounters:

  • Teemo: Allows guessing the outcome of the next battle and grants a reward if guessed correctly.
  • Udyr: Offers four free rerolls that last until used.
  • The Lovers (Rakan and Xayah): Rakan will reshuffle the board while Xayah grants gold.

Strategic Options and Challenges

These Encounters provide a range of strategic options and additional challenges for TFT: Fables in Ink players, ensuring that each game is unique and thrilling.

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