ENCE Signs Tozeo, 13-Year-Old Argentine Fortnite Prodigy

ENCE Signs Tozeo, 13-Year-Old Argentine Fortnite Prodigy

12. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a groundbreaking move, ENCE has stunned the esports world by announcing the signing of Tozeo, the 13-year-old Argentine prodigy, to compete in Fortnite.

Tozeo’s Entry to ENCE

ENCE caught everyone off guard with the announcement of the significant signing of Tozeo, the 13-yearold Argentine. This Thursday, ENCE officially introduced Francisco “Tozeo” Brunato, who will be competing in Fortnite. The young Battle Royale prodigy recently reached the age required to compete professionally.

ENCE’s Prestige and Expansion

Currently, ENCE stands as one of the foremost organizations in the esports realm. For years, the Finnish team has cemented its name at the highest level, with CounterStrike being its standout discipline. However, ENCE is keen on expanding into other games, with Fortnite being their next target.

Hence, they decided to bring on board Tozeo, the promising Argentine talent. At just 13 years old, Tozeo has been a content creator in the Battle Royale scene, as his age prevented him from participating in official tournaments. “It’s truly amazing to be part of one of the most renowned esports teams out there,” said Tozeo following the announcement.

Tozeo’s Journey

Despite soon taking his first steps as a professional player, Tozeo is also a significant content creator. Currently, he boasts over 290,000 followers on his Twitch account, where he regularly streams Fortnite and other shooters like Valorant. With his entry into ENCE, the Argentine will now transition to a professional player role.

Tozeo is expected to compete in the FNCS (Fortnite Championship Series), the game’s most prestigious competitive circuit. Qualifiers for the second Major of the year are set to commence in April, leading up to the Global Championship in September.

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Tozeo’s Impact and Legacy

In conclusion, Tozeo’s addition to ENCE marks a new chapter in Argentina’s Fortnite history. It’s impossible to forget that at the same age, Thiago “k1ng” Lapp secured fifth place in the 2019 World Cup.

Now, both are among the most significant representatives Argentina will have in the Battle Royale scene for many years to come.