Elden Ring: The Most Unusual Controllers Players Have Used to Beat the Game

Elden Ring: The Most Unusual Controllers Players Have Used to Beat the Game

2. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has become a streaming sensation, dominating platforms in June with a staggering 81 million hours watched, according to Stream Hatchet.

This remarkable achievement surpasses the original Elden Ring launch in February 2022, which garnered 52 million hours viewed in its first month. The rise in viewership highlights the enduring interest and engagement from both players and spectators.

Streamer Influence: Fueling Elden Ring’s Ongoing Success

The expansion’s success is fueled by new quests, characters, and expansive areas, keeping the community deeply invested. The average daily viewership in June reached 2.6 million, peaking at 3.5 million during weekends with special events and streams by popular influencers.

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Streamers like Kai Cenat, who generated 5.1 million hours watched with his marathon streams, have significantly contributed to this success. Other notable streamers, such as Rubius and zackrawrr, also added to the viewership with their own impressive hours watched.

Beyond its compelling gameplay, Elden Ring has inspired players to conquer the game using an array of unconventional controllers. Let’s dive into some of the most unique and creative peripherals players have employed to beat this challenging title.

Morse Code

Cap morse

Spanish player Silithur made waves by defeating Elden Ring’s final boss using a Morse code button. Morse code, consisting of dots and dashes, was translated into game commands. Silithur programmed these combinations to perform in-game actions, demonstrating an extraordinary level of dedication and ingenuity.


Louis 64, a streamer known for his inventive controllers, used bananas to complete Elden Ring. Each banana was equipped with a sensor, translating touches into game commands. This setup presented a unique challenge, requiring precise coordination and timing to control the character effectively.

Ring Fit Adventure


Super Louis 64 also tackled Elden Ring using the Ring Fit Adventure controller from Nintendo Switch. Connected to a PlayStation 5, the Ring Fit detected jogging motions to move the character, while the Joy-Cons’ motion sensors were used for attacks and healing. This setup turned gameplay into a full-body workout, blending fitness with gaming.

A Harp

Professional harpist Ellsworth took her love for gaming to the next level by modifying her harp to play Elden Ring. She configured the harp strings to perform various in-game actions such as dodging, light attacks, healing, and movement. Although she faced limitations, like the inability to perform heavy attacks, her setup showcased a unique blend of musical talent and gaming skill.

A Dance Mat



Streamer MissMikkaa accomplished the impressive feat of defeating Malenia twice simultaneously using a dance mat and a controller. After three days and 199 attempts, she succeeded in using her feet to control the dance mat while simultaneously playing with a controller. This achievement highlighted her incredible dexterity and perseverance.


The creativity and dedication of the Elden Ring community have led to some of the most unique and entertaining playthroughs in gaming history. From Morse code to bananas, these unconventional controllers have added an extra layer of challenge and fun to an already demanding game.

These players have shown that with enough ingenuity, even the toughest games can be conquered in the most unexpected ways.