Want to master penalties in EA Sports FC 24? Here’s how

Want to master penalties in EA Sports FC 24? Here’s how

4. October 2023 by madara s

Penalties in EA Sports FC 24: Effective Strategies and Best Shooters. It’s a fact: a penalty can determine the direction of a match. In the virtual universe of EA Sports FC 24, this moment is equally crucial, and if you master the technique, you can have an advantage over your opponent. Let’s uncover the effective strategies and who are the aces from the 11 meters.

How to choose the best penalty shooter?

Not all players were created equal, and that is reflected in their skills. Penalties, as simple as they seem, depend on the player’s ability and precision. But, how to identify the best shooter in your team?

  • Study your players: Before the match starts, familiarize yourself with your players’ stats. Your star forward isn’t always the best shooter.
  • Assign your specialist: In the tactical setup, you can assign who will be in charge of executing penalties. Make sure the chosen one has a high penalty rating.

For a quick guide, here are the top 5 shooters in EA Sports FC 24:

  • Harry Kane (Bayern Munich): 92
  • Raúl Jiménez (Fulham): 92
  • Borja Iglesias (Real Betis): 92
  • Alexia Putellas (FC Barcelona F): 91
  • Megan Rapinoe (OL Reign): 91

Techniques for scoring from the penalty spot

When facing the goalkeeper, it’s crucial to stay calm and follow these tips:

  • Aim with precision: Use the right joystick to decide the direction of your shot.
  • Control the power: A shot too soft will be easy for the goalie, but a too strong one can go off course.
  • Timing is key: Watch the circle around the ball; when it’s the smallest, shoot. That ensures precision.

Becoming an impregnable goalkeeper

Beyond executing the perfect shot, you must also be prepared to defend your goal:

  • Move on the line: Move sideways to confuse your opponent.
  • Decide on a side: Anticipate the shot’s direction and dive with the right joystick. Intuition is your ally.
  • The psychological game: Try to distract your opponent with your movements; sometimes, winning in the mind is more effective than any other strategy.

The art of scoring penalties

Mastering penalties in EA Sports FC 24 requires practice and strategy. Spend time familiarizing yourself with your players, practice different techniques, and always pay attention to details. With these tips, you are ready to face any opponent and emerge victorious in the tensest moments of the game.