EA Sports FC 24’s Stellar Forwards: Mbappé or Haaland?

EA Sports FC 24’s Stellar Forwards: Mbappé or Haaland?

4. October 2023 by madara s

The debate about who is the best forward in real-world football is also reflected in the virtual universe. With the release of EA Sports FC 24, gamers and football fans alike are eagerly determining their star striker. Could this be the setting where we finally choose between Haaland and Mbappé?

The essence of a striker in EA Sports FC 24

The figure of the striker is essential, both in real stadiums and on consoles. Those who play as attackers in EA Sports FC 24 carry the heavy task of being the team’s top goal-scorer. However, in the virtual world, parameters might slightly vary, especially in game modes like Ultimate Team.

The peculiarity of the Ultimate Team

While the rankings and stats we present are consistent throughout the game, in Ultimate Team, player cards can evolve. This is due to events, special cards, and the real-life performances of players in tournaments like the Champions League. But even beyond these special cards, the game’s basic forwards have formidable skills, capable of tipping the balance in any match.

The stellar showdown: Haaland vs. Mbappé

The debate between these two young talents is the center of attention. Both, with exceptional skills, promise to be the successors of the rivalry once starred by Messi and Ronaldo. Though in the virtual terrain, Mbappé seems to have a slight advantage thanks to his stunning speed, the debate is far from over.

Diversity on the FIFA Ranking

It’s relevant to highlight the significant presence of women’s football in EA Sports FC 24. Though curiously, we miss some of the brightest stars from Barça’s women’s team or the national team. Without further ado, we present the ranking of the best forwards:

  • Kylian Mbappé (91): PSG
  • Erling Haaland (91): Manchester City
  • Sam Kerr (90): Chelsea F.
  • Robert Lewandowski (90): Barcelona
  • Harry Kane (90): Bayern Munich
  • Karim Benzema (90): Al Ittihad
  • Alex Morgan (89): San Diego F.
  • Ada Hegerberg (89): OL F
  • Víctor Osimhen (88): Napoli
  • Antoine Griezmann (88): Atlético de Madrid
  • Alexandra Popp (88): Wolfsburg
  • Marie-Antoinette Katoto (88): PSG F
  • Sophia Smith (88): Portland Thorns FC F

Who do you choose? 

The debate between Haaland and Mbappé seems endless, and as long as both continue to shine both on the real and virtual pitch, this conversation will endure. The choice, in the end, is up to each gamer. Will you opt for Mbappé’s lethal speed or Haaland’s power and precision?