EA FC 24 Winter Wildcards: A Comprehensive Guide

EA FC 24 Winter Wildcards: A Comprehensive Guide

26. December 2023 by Never

EA FC 24 is set to make this Holiday season unforgettable with the introduction of the Winter Wildcards. This unique event promises to add excitement to the game by featuring special cards for both veteran and emerging players. Here’s everything you need to know about the Winter Wildcards Teams and their impact on the game.

Duration and Availability of Winter Wildcards Teams

  • Team 1 Launch: The first team of Winter Wildcards, along with the Winter “Best Of” players, launched on 22nd December at 6 p.m. BST.
  • Availability: These players, including icons like Pele, CR7, and Van Dijk, will be available in packs until 29th December at 6 p.m. BST.

Daily SBCs: An Advent Calendar of Challenges

  • Unique Format: The Squad-Based Challenges (SBCs) are presented in an advent calendar style, offering a new challenge each day during the two festive weeks.
  • Examples of SBCs:
    • 22nd December: Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal) and Ruud Gullit (ICON)
    • 24th December: Kai Havertz (Arsenal)
    • 25th December: Alessandro Del Piero (ICON)
    • 30th December: Alisson (Liverpool)
    • 1st January: Krepin Diatta (Monaco)
    • 4th January: David Trezeguet (ICON)

Kick Off Season 3: Frostbite

  • Season Start: Began on 21st December 2023.
  • XP Objectives: Players can earn XP through Daily, Weekly, and Campaign XP Objectives.
  • Rewards: Offers Packs and Special cards, featuring a 35-level Season Ladder in Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24’s Winter Wildcards: Blending Nostalgia and New Talents in a Festive Showdown

The Winter Wildcards event in EA FC 24 is a thrilling addition for players, offering a blend of nostalgia with iconic players and the excitement of emerging talents. The daily SBCs add an engaging element, encouraging players to participate actively throughout the Holiday season.