EA FC 24 Title Update 9: Major Changes to Trivela Shots and Cutbacks

EA FC 24 Title Update 9: Major Changes to Trivela Shots and Cutbacks

7. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

EA Sports has launched Title Update 9 for EA FC 24, targeting significant adjustments to the gameplay mechanics, particularly addressing the overpowered trivela shots and cutbacks. This update is a response to the community’s feedback about the lack of diversity in attack strategies and the dominance of specific playstyles.

Trivela Shots and Cutbacks: A Shift in the Meta

Prior to the update, players frequently exploited trivela shots and cutbacks as primary scoring methods. A common tactic involved cutting in from the wing and executing a ball roll followed by a trivela shot, or utilizing technical dribbling along the byline for a cut-back pass to the striker.

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December Update: An Incomplete Solution

An earlier update in December attempted to encourage more central attacks. However, wing play remained a more effective strategy, leading to this latest update for further balance.

Key Changes in Title Update 9: Trivela Shots Adjustments

  • Effectiveness Reduced: The update diminishes the overall impact of outside-of-the-foot shots.
  • Accuracy and Topspin: There’s a decrease in the accuracy of trivela shots and a reduction in the topspin generated by these shots.


Defensive Enhancements

  • Improved AI Decision-making: AI teammates will now position better and make smarter decisions when defending cutback scenarios.
  • Secondary Contain Mechanic: Enhanced player selection logic for more effective defense against attacks.

Evolution System Exploitation Fix

  • The update addresses a loophole in the Evolution system where players could partially evolve a card and exploit the stats boost. Now, a previously evolved player item cannot be reused in future Evolution slots.

Referee Foul-Calling Logic

  • Adjustments have been made to foul-calling inside the box, particularly after clearance attempts, to prevent unfair penalties.

Addressing Gameplay Imbalances in EA FC 24

Title Update 9 for EA FC 24 marks a significant shift in the gameplay dynamics, addressing the overreliance on certain tactics and encouraging a more varied and realistic football experience. This update is expected to bring a fresh approach to matches and strategies, reflecting EA Sports’ commitment to maintaining a balanced and engaging game.