EA FC 24 Patch Update 5: Refining Gameplay and Ultimate Team Dynamics

EA FC 24 Patch Update 5: Refining Gameplay and Ultimate Team Dynamics

9. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

As EA FC 24 continues its successful run, players can look forward to the Title Update 5, a response to community feedback addressing several key aspects of the game. This update heralds significant gameplay tweaks and improvements across various modes.

Gameplay Enhancements in Update 5

The gameplay has received a fine-tuning, notably:

  • Ground passes from extreme angles now have reduced power, curbing an exploit that affected game balance.
  • Fixes have been implemented for instances where players kept possession after stumbles.
  • Contextual Deflection Passes are now exclusive to players with the Incisive Pass, Incisive Pass+, Trivela, and Trivela+ Playing Styles.

Ultimate Team Updates

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Several issues within the Ultimate Team mode have been addressed:

  • Stability issues when entering the store via an Evolutions screen have been resolved.
  • Specific scenarios leading to Player Items losing some PlayStyles after an Evolution have been fixed, restoring correct PlayStyles.
  • Stability problems when starting a match with evolved player items in one’s squad have been ironed out.

Further Gameplay Refinements

Additional gameplay improvements include:

  • A slight reduction in the speed of ground passes made at extreme angles.
  • Decreased potential accuracy for crosses by players with the Whipped Cross and Whipped Cross+ Playing Styles.
  • Enhanced goalkeeper reactions to shots at the near post.

Notable Fixes:

  • Addressed user-controlled players moving towards the ball trajectory unintentionally.
  • Rectified instances where ball carriers inadvertently regained possession following a stumble animation.
  • Contextual Deflection Passes could have been performed by players lacking the specific Playing Styles mentioned above.
  • In some cases, a requested cross resulted in the ball being stepped on instead of crossed.
  • Improved goalkeeper force in deflecting the ball.
  • An accidental first-time pass could have been triggered when activating Player Lock.
  • Team management screens could become unresponsive following a goalkeeper’s red card.
  • Set-play animations not always playing correctly.
  • Players re-entering the pitch could clip through others.

Career Mode Adjustments

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Updates in Career Mode include:

  • Players now correctly regenerate stamina after international matches in Manager Career.
  • The Player Widget is now consistently present during tutorial screens in Player Career.
  • Avoidance of duplicate or similar objectives occurring simultaneously.
  • A stability issue was rectified.


Within Pro Clubs, a stability issue upon completing a skill game has been resolved. In VOLTA FOOTBALL, the timer during Foot Golf Arcade now displays correctly.

General, Audio, and Visual Enhancements

The update brings:

  • UI updates, kits, celebrations, audio enhancements, broadcast packages, balls, badges, reactions, and advertising boards.

With these comprehensive updates, EA FC 24 takes a step forward in refining the virtual football experience, ensuring that players have the most realistic and balanced gameplay possible.