EA FC 24: How to Get Jack Grealish and Jordan Henderson through Showdown SBC

EA FC 24: How to Get Jack Grealish and Jordan Henderson through Showdown SBC

9. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

EA FC 24 surprises the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) community with an unexpected twist in the form of the Jack Grealish vs. Jordan Henderson Showdown SBC. Despite the upcoming semi-finals of Euro 2024 and Copa America, these SBCs are actually tied to the EA FC Pro World Championship, enhancing the excitement for this upcoming esports event.

Understanding the Showdown SBCs

Both players, Jack Grealish and Jordan Henderson, are notable English footballers, even though neither is part of England’s squad for Euro 2024. This unique twist aims to engage fans and boost interest in the EA FC Pro World Championship.

How to Complete Jack Grealish Showdown SBC in FUT

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To acquire Jack Grealish for your FUT squad, you’ll need to submit a single squad meeting the following criteria:

  • Minimum one Manchester City player
  • Minimum squad rating of 87 OVR

Despite being the pricier option, completing this SBC will cost approximately 60,000 coins, offering great value considering the potential upgrades.

How to Complete Jordan Henderson Showdown SBC in FUT

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For Jordan Henderson, the requirements are simpler yet effective:

  • Minimum one English player
  • Minimum squad rating of 86 OVR

This SBC is notably cheaper, costing around 40,000 coins, making it a budget-friendly addition to your FUT squad.

Choosing Between Grealish and Henderson

The outcome of the Tekkz vs. Maxkoelemaij match at the FC Pro World Championship will determine which player receives a +2 OVR upgrade. Both players have shown fluctuating forms in 2024, making the prediction challenging. However, Henderson’s utility as a defensive midfielder and lower cost make him an attractive choice for many FUT managers.

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The Jack Grealish vs. Jordan Henderson Showdown SBCs in EA FC 24 offer an exciting opportunity to enhance your FUT squad with potential upgrades based on real-world esports outcomes.

Whether you opt for Grealish’s attacking flair or Henderson’s midfield stability, both SBCs provide cost-effective ways to improve your team’s performance in the ongoing season of EA FC 24.

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