EA FC 24: How to complete the Estefania Banini Foundations SBC

EA FC 24: How to complete the Estefania Banini Foundations SBC

28. September 2023 by miranda angeles

The developers of EA FC 24 continue to release challenges in the game’s early access. The most recent challenge to hit the game is the Estefania Banini Foundations SBC. By completing the tasks set in this challenge, players can get a special card from the footballer as a reward. It is important to note that, at the moment, the only way to obtain this specific item is through this challenge. 

Before starting to complete the Estefania Banini Foundations SBC, it is necessary to know the tasks imposed and how many coins are needed to finish them. Remember that the amount of coins needed for a challenge depends on the fodder that must be purchased in the game’s market. Next, you should know the reward of the Estefania Banini Foundations SBC to determine if the challenge is worth it.

All the details to complete Estefania Banini Foundations SBC

It’s safe to say that the developers of EA FC 24 have left things simple for the Estefania Banini Foundation’s SBC. In this challenge, players only have to complete two tasks. Each task has a specific set of requirements that must be met. Now, the tasks that must be completed are as follows:

Estefania Banini Foundations SBC Tasks

Squad of 84

  • Squad rating: 84
  • Number of players in the squad: 11

Squad of 85

  • Squad rating: 85
  • N° of players in the squad: 11

Cost of Estefania Banini Foundations SBC

If you have to buy all the fodder for the Estefania Banini Foundations SBC in the in-game market, you should invest around 65,000 coins. However, remember that the completion cost will differ between players if you use matter from each player’s collections. On the other hand, if you want the cost to be much lower, you can play the different game modes to get useful material for the challenge. The Estefania Banini Foundations SBC will be available until October 25.

Playing the different EA FC 24 game modes, such as Division Rivals and Squad Battles, is the most effective way to get a lot of extra material. You will receive weekly packs as a reward for doing so, which you can open to discover extra fodder and reduce the cost of completion while conserving coins for other uses. Remember that to get the reward, you must complete the challenge before it expires.

Estefania Banini Foundations SBC Reward

After completing the two tasks imposed in the Estefania Banini Foundations SBC, you receive a reward card from the soccer player with 85 points on average. The card has the following statistics:

  • Pace: 82
  • Shooting: 86
  • Passing: 87
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Defense: 70
  • Physical: 70

This card is ideal for use in Liga F teams or the Argentina team.