EA FC 24: Will the Game Become Free-to-Play with Ads?

EA FC 24: Will the Game Become Free-to-Play with Ads?

14. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Electronic Arts is working on inserting more “dynamic” ads into its AAA titles, and this decision has generated a lot of justified criticism from gamers, despite CEO Andrew Wilson claiming the company is being “thoughtful” about it.

With AAA games already costing $60 or $70, the inclusion of ads could be seen as a controversial move. But could this strategy lead to EA FC 24 becoming a free-to-play game?

The Cost of AAA Games and Ads

AAA games have always come with a premium price, and not having ads has been part of that cost. However, publishers like EA are always looking for new ways to generate revenue.

The inclusion of ads could be one of those ways, but it might also be the right time for EA to consider a significant transformation in its business model: making EA FC a free-to-play game.

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The Transition to Free-to-Play

Even before the transition from FIFA to EA FC, there has been discussion about the possibility of making the game free-to-play. With Ultimate Team becoming a central part of the game, EA FC is essentially a live-service game, and making it free could enhance this dynamic.

Benefits of the Free-to-Play Model

  1. Removing Barriers to Entry: Making EA FC a free-to-play game would eliminate a major barrier for casual players or those with limited budgets, inviting more people into its microtransaction-laden ecosystem.
  2. Increased Microtransaction Revenue: While EA currently earns tens of millions of dollars by selling their annual soccer game, they could potentially earn more through microtransactions if the game were free. Additionally, long-time players could justify spending more on Ultimate Team packs if they didn’t have to buy the game each year.
  3. Continuous Service Model: This would allow EA to maintain a permanent EA FC live-service game for several years, rather than releasing a new version annually. Players might be more willing to spend on packs if the content were more persistent, and EA could save on development costs by maintaining one game instead of re-releasing it each year.

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Challenges and Considerations

The argument against this idea lies with the diehard FIFA/EA FC fans. These are players who buy the annual game and spend hundreds of dollars on Ultimate Team packs each year. EA must consider whether the inclusion of ads could alienate this loyal player base, especially if they are already making a significant financial investment.

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Given that EA has decided to focus on its own franchises instead of licensed IPs and their insistence on implementing ads, it might be the right time for a major shift with their most lucrative property.

Making EA FC a free-to-play game could not only attract new players but also potentially increase long-term revenue through microtransactions. This change, combined with a careful ad strategy, could redefine the game’s financial success and accessibility.