EA FC 24: Choosing Between Toni Kroos End of an Era and Steven Gerrard GOTG Icon in Ultimate Team

EA FC 24: Choosing Between Toni Kroos End of an Era and Steven Gerrard GOTG Icon in Ultimate Team

8. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As you progress through the Festival of Football seasonal ladder in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, one of the pivotal decisions you’ll face is selecting between two midfield legends: Toni Kroos End of an Era and Steven Gerrard Greats of the Game Icon. Each offers unique strengths that can significantly impact your squad dynamics.

Understanding Your Options

At level 34 of the EA FC 24 Season 7 progression ladder, you encounter this crucial decision. Both players represent the pinnacle of midfield prowess, albeit with distinct playing styles suited to different tactical approaches.

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Analyzing Toni Kroos End of an Era

Toni Kroos, renowned for his exceptional passing accuracy and tactical awareness, provides unparalleled control in midfield. His End of an Era card boasts maximized passing stats and interceptions, making him an ideal choice for players who prioritize ball distribution and defensive stability.

Steven Gerrard’s Greats of the Game Icon

On the other hand, Steven Gerrard is celebrated for his dynamic playmaking abilities and powerful shooting. As a Greats of the Game Icon, Gerrard excels as a box-to-box midfielder, contributing both defensively and offensively with his robust shooting and precise passing.

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Choosing Based on Your Squad’s Needs

The decision between Kroos and Gerrard hinges on your team’s requirements and your preferred midfield strategy. If you need a playmaker who can orchestrate from deep and intercept key passes, Kroos is the logical choice.

Conversely, if you seek a versatile midfielder capable of influencing both ends of the pitch with attacking prowess, Gerrard provides a compelling option.

Consideration Beyond Immediate Choices

While the choice at level 34 is pivotal, remember that opportunities to acquire Greats of the Game cards extend beyond this ladder stage. Completing the Greats of the Game Team 2 Upgrade SBC offers another avenue to strengthen your squad with iconic players, complementing your strategic choices in Ultimate Team.

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In conclusion, whether you opt for Toni Kroos End of an Era or Steven Gerrard GOTG Icon in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, both players bring substantial value to your squad.

Assess your team’s needs carefully, considering their unique attributes and how they align with your gameplay style. Ultimately, your decision should enhance your squad’s effectiveness and enrich your Ultimate Team experience.

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