EA Announces Layoffs of 670 Employees and Prioritizes IPs and Sports Franchises

EA Announces Layoffs of 670 Employees and Prioritizes IPs and Sports Franchises

29. February 2024 by Never

The video game industry has witnessed a wave of layoffs in the first two months of 2024, with over 8,000 workers affected. Major players like Sony and Riot Games, among others, have contributed to this unfortunate trend. The latest company to announce a massive layoff is Electronics Arts (EA), which has decided to let go of 670 employees.

Layoff Details

The recent layoff constitutes approximately 5% of EA’s total workforce, sending shockwaves throughout the industry. Alongside this decision, CEO Andrew Wilson revealed a strategic shift for the company. Wilson stated, “We are putting certain games aside and moving away from developing future games with licensed intellectual properties that we do not believe will succeed.

This approach allows us to foster creativity, accelerate innovation, and double down on areas where we see more opportunities, including our own intellectual properties, esports, and online communities.”

Impact on Studios

In addition to the employee layoffs, the closure of Ridgeline Games, a studio established in 2021 to develop single-player Battlefield campaigns, was announced. Some of the affected Ridgeline Games employees are expected to join Ripple Effect, another EA studio.

EA to Lay Off Around 670 Workers, Sunsetting Games, ‘Moving Away From Licensed IPs’
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Future Projects

The coming months will reveal which projects from EA’s roadmap will be discontinued. Currently, it’s confirmed that “The Mandalorian” project will not proceed. As the industry navigates through this challenging period, observers can only watch with concern as another unfortunate event unfolds in what has been a tough year for video game industry workers.

Keeping Ahead: EA’s Strategic Shifts and Upcoming Projects – Stay Tuned for Updates and Industry Impacts

Stay tuned for updates on EA’s strategic shifts and upcoming projects. Monitor industry trends and developments to anticipate potential impacts on the gaming landscape.