Due to production difficulties, VCT Americas has been the subject of much criticism

Due to production difficulties, VCT Americas has been the subject of much criticism

23. April 2023 by miranda angeles

During the VCT Americas, there have been some production difficulties, which have caused the spectator community to criticize the event.

Production Difficulties during VCT Americas

In one of the VCT Americas broadcasts, viewers witnessed rapidly flashing lights appear on the screen for a few seconds. Due to these production difficulties in this rebroadcast, viewers complained loudly, claiming that these flashing lights produced convulsions.

However, live broadcasts are always prone to production glitches. To a large extent, failures can be prevented, but a problem or two will inevitably occur.

It is important to note that carrying out a live event of this magnitude requires a considerable effort involving many people. This is especially true in the case of esports events, where game failures or crashes can occur at any time; however, it is very rare that due to a production problem, the integrity of the spectators at home is put at risk.

Production difficulties in Week 4

The production difficulties that spectators complained about occurred on day 2 of week 4 of the VCT Americas, specifically in the match between KRÜ and 100 Thieves, where it was seen that the screens flickered rapidly after reporting that they had no signal.

This failure lasted several seconds and was repeated several times. As a result, viewers did not hesitate for a second to express their complaints about the problem. Among the biggest and loudest complaints from Twitch users is that these lights caused convulsions.

Flashing lights

At first, without watching the video many people, it may seem that the reaction of the viewers is a bit exaggerated. However, what happened in the telecast was very upsetting for the viewers.

Below, we show a click of the problem experienced at VCT Americas. We recommend all photosensitive people avoid watching the video.

We will tell you what the viewers saw if you did not see the video. The transmission was running completely normally; however, from one moment to another, the screen showed a message informing that there was no signal, which was flashing at high speed and showed lights with very strong and annoying colors for the viewer’s eyes.

Apparently, this problem was caused by an interruption of the main transmission. Immediately people started talking about the seriousness of this kind of failure in a broadcast.

One user on Reddit commented that he would never complain about EMEA and Pacifico broadcasts again. He further stated that they were not trying to kill viewers on these rebroadcasts.

byu/nocturnavi from discussion

Although these technical difficulties were experienced in the first few games of the day, fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved.