DreamLeague Season 22 Final Four Teams Revealed After Group Stage 2

DreamLeague Season 22 Final Four Teams Revealed After Group Stage 2

9. March 2024 by Never

The second phase of DreamLeague Season 22 has concluded, marking the exit of eight teams while solidifying the position of four formidable contenders. Let’s delve into the final standings and the impressive journey of the remaining teams in the tournament.

Final Four Teams

Team Falcons

Leading the standings with an impeccable record, Team Falcons emerges as a dominant force in the competition. Their flawless performance, coupled with their recent triumph at the BetBoom Dacha Dubai, cements their status as the MENA kings and clear favorites of DreamLeague Season 22.

BetBoom Team

Following closely behind is BetBoom Team, showcasing a stellar lineup and remarkable synergy. Consistently securing top placements, including a commendable third position in BB Dacha, BetBoom Team displays unwavering prowess, securing a coveted spot in the Playoffs.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit showcases resilience and determination, securing their spot in the top 4 during the final day of Group Stage 2. Despite facing instability, they exhibit the ability to rebound stronger, setting the stage for an intense Playoff showdown.

Xtreme Gaming (XG)

Xtreme Gaming (XG) fights their way into the final four, showcasing their tenacity in a fiercely competitive environment. Despite facing challenges, they demonstrate resilience, ensuring their presence among the tournament’s elite contenders.

Absence of Western European Teams

Notably absent from the final four are Western European representatives, marking a surprising turn of events in DreamLeague Season 22. Teams like OG and Gaimin Gladiators, despite showcasing commendable performances, falter during crucial moments, resulting in their elimination.

DreamLeague Season 22 Playoff Phase Unveiled with Top Contenders

The conclusion of Group Stage 2 sets the stage for an exhilarating Playoff phase in DreamLeague Season 22. With Team Falcons, BetBoom Team, Team Spirit, and Xtreme Gaming emerging as the final contenders, anticipation mounts as they vie for glory in this prestigious esports event.