Dragon’s Dogma 2 Shines in its Launch Week, Elevating Capcom

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Shines in its Launch Week, Elevating Capcom

8. April 2024 by Never

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has made a significant impact in its debut week, captivating both audiences and streamers alike. With an impressive 19 million hours of content viewed across more than 429,000 combined streaming hours, alongside 2.5 million units sold, the game has undoubtedly delivered on its promise.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: A Streamer’s Paradise and Sales Sensation

Following its release on March 22nd, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has exceeded expectations, drawing in viewers with its compelling gameplay and captivating world. According to data from Stream Hatchet, streamers began creating content as early as March 21st, generating anticipation 12 hours before the official launch.

Notable Streamers

Zackrawrr has emerged as a key influencer in introducing viewers to this new RPG, leveraging his dedicated following from the World of Warcraft community. In total, zackrawrr’s streams of Dragon’s Dogma 2 accumulated 853,000 hours viewed, with a peak of 41,000 concurrent viewers.


While the majority of top streamers were on Twitch, there were two notable exceptions. The popular Korean streamer 풍월량 (Poong Wol-ryang), following Twitch’s closure, migrated to Chzzk, attracting 347,000 viewers to his Dragon’s Dogma 2 content. Meanwhile, Japanese VTuber Kuzuha made it into the top 10 streamers with 207,000 hours viewed, leveraging his YouTube fanbase.

Platform Distribution

Unsurprisingly, Twitch dominated the viewing time, accounting for 68% of the total in the first week, including streams with early access. Twitch leads in terms of RPG viewing time, but the most surprising contribution came from Steam, which accounted for almost 20% of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s total views, thanks to the developers’ official streams on the platform.


Capcom’s Legacy

Capcom, a gaming giant, is no stranger to popularity on this platform. The Resident Evil 4 remake was a sensation upon its release, amassing 27 million hours viewed in its first week. Street Fighter 6 is Capcom’s latest and most consistent success, drawing widespread attention to the fighting genre.

Monster Hunter is another beloved franchise, experiencing a small resurgence thanks to Capcom’s promotional event, Return to World.

Future Prospects

So, where does Dragon’s Dogma fit into this catalog? As an RPG, Dragon’s Dogma has the potential to become a successful franchise on streaming platforms. However, criticisms of the game suggest that players may not envision a future for the franchise due to technical issues and questionable gameplay design decisions.

Despite these criticisms, fans’ passion for more Dragon’s Dogma 2 content shows no signs of waning. With patches and additional features, such as more character slots, Dragon’s Dogma 2 could significantly enhance its replayability and remain relevant on streaming platforms.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: A Triumph in Gaming

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has made a remarkable entrance into the gaming world, garnering both critical acclaim and commercial success. As Capcom continues to refine the game and address player feedback, the future looks promising for this burgeoning franchise. With its captivating gameplay and loyal fanbase, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is poised to become a staple on streaming platforms for years to come.