Dr Disrespect commentates IEM Cologne via stream

Dr Disrespect commentates IEM Cologne via stream

4. August 2023 by Andrew Williams

The CS:GO tournament IEM Cologne is in full swing. The well-known streamer Dr. Disrespect will commentate some matches of the IEM Cologne on his stream. In the last weeks Dr. Disrespect could be seen more and more often in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CS:GO will not exist in this form for much longer, because soon we will only be able to play CS2.

Just like many other streamers, he has followed the trend of opening hundreds of CS:GO cases in the stream, and was even lucky enough to score a knife worth around $20,000. Now he’s taking it a step further – he’s revealed a special one-off stream where he will commentate on the playoff stage of IEM Cologne, starting yesterday on August 4 and will end on August 6, 2023. Astralis won against Heroic and Vitality vs Cloud9 with two straight 2:0 scorelines.

Dr Disrespect will be commentating on CS:GO matches

As a streamer who likes to play multiple titles, Dr Disrespect is always active. One day he’s playing Apex Legends, the next Fortnite he changes all the time and also played “only up”. No matter what he’s playing, he’s one of the biggest entertainers in all of gaming.

Dr. Disrespect is absolutely unmistakable. He is known to be a top entertainer that has kept his audience through ups and downs, from twitch hiatus to youtube exodus, he has done it all and kept his viewerbase together by having the most recognizable appearance out there.Now he’ll was commentating on matches at IEM Cologne and might do the final.

How will he cast?

Dr. Disrespect offered a co-stream and gave his own unique commentary. He is not mainly a CS:GO streamer though, so there was no big insight, just entertainment. He also said that he will do only the final, under the condition Astralis would play in it. Whatever the end result, it’s likely to be an entertaining affair, if he does it. Especially considering that Dr. Disrespect has recently rediscovered CS:GO for himself.

With the Semi-Final and final awaiting Dr. Disrespect might put on a show for the final when the two remaining teams fight for the trophy!. A $1 million prize pool is on the line and G2 and Vitality belong to the favorites, Astralis and ENCE are the surprises in this group. Here are the games that Dr. Disrespect will cover:

August 5 – 15:30 CEST: ENCE vs.Vitality

August 5 – 19:00 CEST: G2 vs. Astralis

August 6 – 16:00 CEST: BO5 Grand Final (both teams to be determined)