Doublelift hospitalized for internal bleeding

Doublelift hospitalized for internal bleeding

23. July 2023 by Andrew Williams

League of Legends pro Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has been hospitalized for internal bleeding and his condition seems to be relatively serious. His fans and the League of Legends community are very worried about his condition. At the moment, it is unclear what illness he has or how the internal bleeding was triggered.

There is not much information about Doublelift’s condition, all that has been announced is that he is in the hospital. He only tweeted a photo of himself in the hospital and the text accompanying it read, “Tough week.”

Doublelift in serious condition

It didn’t take long for fans to want to know more: How is he? How could this happen? How serious is the condition? It was obvious that they were very worried about the star player and hundreds of comments followed his tweet.

The flood of questions was answered by his girlfriend Leena. She gave the fans the terrible news that the player is suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding. She added that Doublelift has been struggling with internal bleeding for about a week now. However, she did not elaborate further on how this could happen and what will happen now. It looks like the doctors are going to do a lot of tests to get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution, which means that the player might have to stay in the hospital for a while, after all internal bleeding is a very serious condition. Fans have no choice but to wait and see how his condition develops.

Doublelift’s career and unexpected comeback

Doublelift has been active in esports for over 12 years and is a prominent figure in the LCS. However, he took a break in between and shifted gears three years ago. He shared that his decision to step down in 2020 was influenced by a disappointing performance at Worlds 2020 and subsequent uncertainty regarding the TSM lineup. Late last year it was announced that he would be making a surprise return to the 100 Thieves. According to Doublelift, the reason for his comeback was a certain urge to still compete and compete in events that he couldn’t shake during his retirement.

Doublelift even explained what had led him to join the 100 Thieves. He was more concerned with a strong lineup and compatible organization than financial gain. He freely admitted that streaming im would probably make a lot more money than gambling professionally. “I would make that much in a year streaming, and I would probably spend half as many hours streaming,” Doublelift said.