Dota 2 Patch 7.35c: Balancing Mage Slayer, Shiva’s Guard, Lion and More

Dota 2 Patch 7.35c: Balancing Mage Slayer, Shiva’s Guard, Lion and More

22. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valve has recently rolled out Patch 7.35c for Dota 2, focusing on balancing overpowered items and heroes before the next major tournament.

This update brings numerous minor adjustments but primarily targets items and heroes that have been dominating the meta. Say goodbye to Mage Slayers, Shiva’s Guards, and the relentless Lions in your pubs. Dive into the details of the latest Dota 2 patch below!

Notable Item Changes in Patch 7.35c


  • Khanda:
    • Changes: Adds an extra 50 damage to its Empower Spell base damage.
  • Black King Bar:
    • Changes: Increases magic resistance from 50% to 60%.
  • Heaven’s Halberd:
    • Changes: Receives higher evasion, health regen, and spell amplification.


  • Mage Slayer:
    • Changes: Increases recipe cost, decreases Magic Resistance bonus by 5%, reduces debuff duration from 6s to 3s, but increases debuff damage by 5 damage per second.

image 101 23 1024x245 1

  • Shiva’s Guard:
    • Changes: Receives a significant cost increase, minor armor decrease, attribute bonus decrease, and health regeneration decrease.

image 101 24 1024x251 1

  • Disperser (Upgraded version of Diffusal Blade):
    • Changes: Increases recipe cost, removes AoE from Suppress, and now affects both the target and user.
  • Veil of Discord:
    • Changes: Minor decrease to attribute bonus, armor bonus, and health regen bonus.
  • Parasma (Upgrade to Witch’s Blade):
    • Changes: Decreases Intelligence bonus from +45 to +40 and adds a 400 gold recipe requirement.

Notable Hero Changes in Patch 7.35c


image 101 27 1024x280 1

  • Lechrac
  • Arc Warden
  • Phantom Assassin
  • Chen
  • Terrorblade
  • Doom
  • Dragon Knight
  • Faceless Void
  • Nature’s Prophet
  • Vengeful Spirit
  • Viper
  • Witch Doctor

image 101 26 1024x390 1


  • Lion:
    • Changes: Decreases movement slow bonus, magic resistance, and break distance from Aghanim’s Shard. Increases Earth Spike cooldown at earlier levels.

image 101 19 1024x394 1


This patch introduces significant adjustments to various items and heroes to address their overpowered status in recent gameplay. Players can expect a shift in the meta as these changes take effect in competitive matches and pubs alike.

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Stay tuned for more updates and adjustments as the Dota 2 community adapts to Patch 7.35c.