Dota 2 Patch 7.35: Identifying the Biggest Losers in Public Games

Dota 2 Patch 7.35: Identifying the Biggest Losers in Public Games

28. December 2023 by Never

Dota 2’s patch 7.35 brought significant changes to the game’s dynamics, affecting various heroes’ win rates. This analysis focuses on those who have been less fortunate since the update.

The Impact of Patch 7.35 and 7.35b

With every new patch, the balance of power shifts. While some heroes rise, others inevitably fall. Patch 7.35, along with its follow-up balance patch 7.35b, has reshaped the meta, impacting several heroes’ effectiveness in public games.

Major Decreases in Win Rate

  • Slardar: Despite losing about 4.5% in win rate, Slardar remains a strong pick due to his high initial win rate.
  • Spectre and Wraith King: They’ve seen reductions in win rate but continue to be viable choices.
  • Muerta: Once a formidable choice in both position 1 and 4 roles, Muerta’s win rate has dropped below 48%, indicating a potential decrease in her usage.

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The Unique Case of Chen

Chen, interestingly, received buffs in patch 7.35. However, these weren’t just numerical improvements but also skill reworks, which might have led to a transitional period as players adjust to his new abilities.

Considering Patch 7.35b Changes

Post-patch 7.35b, several heroes experienced a shift in win rates, including Leshrac, who was slightly nerfed. Others were affected indirectly by changes to their counterparts, impacting their overall effectiveness.

The Lowest Win Rates in Current Pubs

Looking at the lower end of the win rate spectrum:

  • Chen again features here, with a win rate below 45%.
  • Batrider saw a 4% increase but still struggles at a 42.4% win rate.
  • Pangolier finds himself in this category, perhaps overdue for a nerf.
  • The other low-win-rate heroes are likely candidates for buffs in future patches.

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Strategy for Surviving the Meta Shifts and Improving MMR

As professional Dota 2 play accelerates into the new year, more balance patches are expected to address these disparities. For players looking to maintain or improve their MMR, steering clear of the lowest win-rate heroes could be wise.