Dota 2: Old G player quits the team in the middle of a DPC game

Dota 2: Old G player quits the team in the middle of a DPC game

22. June 2023 by miranda angeles

One of Old G’s Dota 2 team members was recently seen leaving the team in a DPC game. As a result, his teammates were forced to continue with only four players.

Old G’s support player leaves the team

The Old G team members have been thrown into turmoil after their support player Adam “Aramis” Moroz, abruptly abandoned his teammates. This departure from the team occurred in a Dota Pro Circuit summer season match.

Old G has included Aramis in their squad, only for him to later abandon it to his teammates in the match with Nigma Galaxy. It is an unconventional strategy to get around squad restrictions, which has caused a huge disadvantage for the players.

At the moment, Aramis has not commented on his departure from Old G in the DPC summer season. However, his former teammates have spoken out on Twitch about the issue.

Dota 2 players talk about Aramis’ departure from Old G

During a broadcast of Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski on Twitch, S├ębastien “Ceb” Debs commented that the team is experiencing a small problem. In addition, Ced assures that none of the team members know what is happening with the departure of Aramis. On the other hand, he also commented that it all happened very fast, but he still thinks that Aramis is a cut player; he can’t play now.

On the other hand, Oleksii “STORM” Tumanov and Volodymyr “No[o]ne-” Minenko have spoken about Aramis’ decision to suddenly leave Old G. According to No[o]ne-, Aramis wrote in the Discord chat that he was leaving the team and saying goodbye to them; Aramis also assured that he would not play one more game with Old G.

After Aramis’ sudden departure, some people in the Dota 2 community questioned the player’s professionalism. These people claim that if Aramis has a good reason to leave the team, he should explain and ask Valve to make an exception in his case.

On the other hand, Dota 2 fans have also commented that this is the strangest strategy they have seen throughout the history of Dota 2. Furthermore, the fans emphasize that this strategy can jeopardize Aramis’ career if there is no good reason for his departure from the team.

Strict rules for DPC lineups

Despite having very strict rules, Valve and DPC management are working to solve the unforeseen problem with Old G’s lineup. Recall that B8 was recently allowed to participate in the North American DPC despite being based in Europe. In this way, B8 could maintain its position in the top division of Dota 2.

For now, we can only wait to find out Aramis’ reasons for leaving Old G behind.