Dota 2: New signing for Tundra Esports

Dota 2: New signing for Tundra Esports

8. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Tundra Esports’ new signing has confirmed all the rumors that arose around the arrival of Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen to the team.

Dota 2 legend joins Tundra Esports

After many rumors about the possible arrival of one of Dota 2’s biggest stars, they have finally been confirmed. The esports organization has confirmed on its social networks that the international champion will now wear the Tundra Esports jersey. This new signing will arrive at Tundra to join them at TI12, which takes place in October.

This information was confirmed a day after it was revealed that Martin “Saksa” Sazdov would leave the team and stay away from esports indefinitely. According to the information revealed by Saksa himself, he is leaving esports due to health problems. However, he did not specify what these problems are.

However, this is the reason why the international star joins Tundra. With Topson’s arrival, the team’s fans hope the player can help them win the next championship.

Topson’s position in Tundra Esports

According to the rumors that emerged after the announcement of Topson’s signing, the player seems to be coming to Tundra to play in the center lane, his usual position. In addition, it is rumored that Nine will move to the fourth position, which is a change of role compared to last season.

At the same time, this decision is said to have been a topic of discussion for the team for some time. This has been a big issue since the beginning of August, as Topson said he would not participate in regionals for TI12. On the other hand, many people were speculating that Saksa would take a sabbatical and Topson would make the squad. These speculations grew recently when Nine was seen playing in a different position than usual.

Topson’s return to TI

Importantly, Topson’s signing with Tundra signifies the star’s return to TI since his departure from OG in 2021. Recall that the player had decided to prioritize time with his family and left OG’s main roster. After that, Topson returned to the professional scene, but this time, he came as a T1 substitute.

On the other hand, remember that it will not be the first time that Topson will represent the Tundra jersey. Previously, Topson came to the team to replace another player, where he only played one series, and it was not this same lineup.

We will see Topson’s debut with Tundra in the DreamLeague Season 21 in a few days. This competition will take place on September 18, probably the team’s last competition before arriving in Seattle on October 12 for TI12.