DOTA 2: The Most Exclusive and Expensive Cosmetics and Their Market Impact

DOTA 2: The Most Exclusive and Expensive Cosmetics and Their Market Impact

9. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Introduction to the universe of cosmetic items in DOTA 2

Dota 2, one of the most popular MOBA games, has revolutionized the gaming world not only for its gameplay dynamics but also for the variety of items and cosmetics it offers. These elements, beyond their aesthetic function, have become true objects of desire and, in many cases, lucrative investments for players.

Why are some items pricier than others?

Exclusivity and rarity are the main reasons some items reach astronomical figures in the market. Some of these items were obtained at special events, others for being part of limited editions, and others simply due to business decisions that made them unique pieces in Dota2 esports.

The most coveted cosmetics in Dota 2

1. Golden Basher Blades – Anti Mage

Golden Basher Blades Preview 0

This cosmetic item for the hero Anti Mage is one of the most sought after. Its origin dates back to the Immortal Treasure II of The International 2015 Battle Pass. The appearance of these blades emulates the Skull Basher from the game, with unique animations that are activated with certain hero skills. Its price, for the default quality version, fluctuates between $750 and $800.

2. Alpine Stalker Set – Ursa

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Ursa, one of the most iconic heroes of the game, has the Alpine Stalker Set, a cowboy-themed set that has sparked controversy since its launch in 2012. Its rarity lies in a Valve decision to withdraw it from the game, thus making it a treasure for those who acquired it on time. The complete set has reached figures over $1200.

3. Desert Baby Roshan

desert baby roshan

This high rarity courier was a reward for those who participated in the Siltbreaker campaign during The International 2017 Battle Pass. Although it can still be acquired through treasures, its probability is very low. In the market, its value ranges between $1700 and $2100.

4. Golden Ornithomancer Mantle


Launched in 2015, this item for Rubick comes from major tournaments of the time. There are two versions of this item, but the Golden Ornithomancer Mantle stands out for its rarity, with prices that can exceed $1500.

5. Legacy Ethereal Flame Pink War Dog

legacy 5 1

One of the rarest and most expensive items in Dota 2. This courier, with an ethereal pink flame, is unique in its kind. It is estimated that only four exist in the world, and in 2013, one was sold for the astonishing figure of 38,000 dollars.