Dota 2: DPC has been cancelled

Dota 2: DPC has been cancelled

16. September 2023 by miranda angeles

After much speculation and rumors, Valve has officially canceled the Dota Pro Circuit, popularly known as DPC. This announcement was revealed by Valve last September 14, where it informs the entire community that the DPC comes to an end in the 2023 season.

Undoubtedly, the cancellation of the DPC by Valve marks a turning point in the competitive scene of Dota 2. Recall that The International was based on the DPC to invite teams to the tournament. This system has been used since 2017. Previously, this system was composed of Minors and majors. However, in recent years, it has changed to the regional league structure.

In Valve’s statement, the developer emphasized how little creative freedom tournament organizers had due to the strict rules. In addition, they have commented that the DPC took up a large part of the competitive calendar, so the holding of external tournaments was very small. If we look at the cancellation of the DPC from an optimistic point of view, this decision may open the door to the resurgence of some more innovative tournaments.

Criticism of the Dota Pro Circuit

Since Valve decided to implement the Dota Pro Circuit, big names in the competitive scene have voiced their complaints. Team Secret captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov was one of the most vocal critics of the DPC. Puppey commented that the circuit made no sense for Dota 2 and that the five Majors system provided a better experience for both players and fans.

What will happen to the competitive scene after the cancellation of DPC?

Now, with the cancellation of the DPC, fans have many doubts about what will happen in the future with the Dota 2 competitive scene. On the other hand, they wonder if the ESL Pro Circuit will take a central place. It is important to note that this season’s Dota 2 competitive scene has already hosted several ESL competitions. Among these competitions, the most important is the Riyadh Masters, which offers $15 million in prize money.

Now, let’s consider that many smaller tournament organizers have disappeared or changed how they do business. The ESL FACEIT could likely establish itself as the main Dota 2 tournament organizer.

Beyond the advantages or disadvantages of DPC, this system provided a stable base for tier 2 teams. Valve’s decision to eliminate this system leaves some areas and some players adrift.

For its part, before the DPC established total dominance, Dota 2’s competitive scene thrived on a dynamic system of alternative competitions. However, important community members, such as Murielle “Kips” Huisman, are concerned about what will happen with the cancellation of DPC.

Hopes for the Dota 2 competitive scene

For their part, a large part of the community thinks that the cancellation of DPC brings hope for an improved Dota 2 competitive scene for 2024. Valve may revamp the competitive scene by introducing independent tournaments to increase the value of events and prize pools.