Dota 2 community loves the new Bali Major trophy

Dota 2 community loves the new Bali Major trophy

5. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Dota 2 fans got a sneak peek at the trophy that the Bali Major champions will take home and have been thrilled.

Kenchi Yap, CEO of IO Esports, has shown the new trophy for the Bali Major. This new trophy has a standard shape. However, it includes unique sculptures that perfectly represent the Balinese culture.

The Dota 2 community loves the new Bali Major trophy

The Bali Major trophy features a design inspired by the artistic style “ornamen kekarangan.” In Bali, the ornamen kekarangan style is often frequently seen in houses, temples, buildings, and other places.

Generally, this decorative carving takes inspiration from images of animals, elements of nature, or even beings of different mythologies. Although there are many different carvings, each with a special meaning, most are used to eliminate bad energies.

Bali Major Trophy…
byu/Kandawrs inDotA2

Trophy details

In the new trophy of the Bali Major, two opposite sides can be seen, where it is looked for to represent the good and the evil as an endless battle. The two carvings of the trophy seem to be Barong and Rangda, the Balinese legend.

Barong represents good; he is the ruler of the spirits of good and king of the spirits. Generally, Barong is usually represented by a lion with a red head and white fur.

On the other hand, there is Rangda, or the demon queen, representing evil. Rangda is a terrifying creature in command of an army of witches who attack Barong. Rangda is usually represented by a mask with protruding eyes, long fangs, and a protruding tongue.

In turn, the two mythical characters, Barong and Rangda, appear in the Balinese dance known as Barong. The dance is also done as a representation of good and evil. If we compare it to Dota 2, this representation of evil may be starring Radiant and Dire, who live in a permanent conflict.

It is important to note that this is only an assumption; at the moment, the trophy’s creators have not spoken in detail about the meaning of each carving on the trophy.

Another theory of the trophy’s carvings is that they are Bhoma and the Garuda bird. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the Garuda bird is a well-known legendary being. This majestic bird, shaped like an eagle, is the national emblem of Indonesia. While Bhoma, part of Balinese mythology, is like a protective spirit of temples and shrines.

The unique and original design of the Bali Major trophy

The trophy presents two handsome sides with striking carvings and a distinctive upper part representing the characteristic Balinese “Meru Roof.” The Meru roof, a type of Balinese temple roof, symbolizes all the layers of the universe. On the other hand, the logo of the Bali Major can also be seen on the trophy.

Undoubtedly, it is a very special trophy that perfectly represents the Balinese culture.