Doinb says Team Vitality tried to sign him to their team

Doinb says Team Vitality tried to sign him to their team

24. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, in a live broadcast, player Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang said that Team Vitality tried to sign him for their team. In addition, Doinb revealed his desire to form his team.

Team Vitality planned to build a team around Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo for 2023. So the organization had five possible starters to complete the quintet with Bo as the core. World champion Doinb was one of the possible players in the squad.

Doinb says Team Vitality tried to sign him to their team

According to the information revealed by Doinb in the broadcast, Team Vitality contacted the player to sign him. Although the player did not give details or explain why, many people think they wanted his services since Doinb and Bo had played together in past years in FunPlus Phoenix.

Doinb said he received a call from Vitality in the offseason. However, that was not the player’s only offer; he was also called by a team from the LCK, one from the LCS, and one from the LEC.

Despite having many offers, the player did not accept any of them as he wanted to finish his career in the LPL. We are talking about one of the top 10 players in that league, and he has spent most of his professional career there. So Doinb says he will not play in another region, his career is very good in his region, and he will retire in the league where he grew up.

Doinb wants to visit Summoner’s Rift one more time

Doinb decided to skip the Spring Split last off-season because he was ready to compete in the LPL. The team Doinb was playing with decided it was time for the player to leave the team, and he was replaced by Lee “Scout” Ye-chan, a former EDward Gaming player. The team made this decision after Doinb fell just short of the world cup.

However, Doinb has informed all his fans that his current goal is to win the world cup and that he will be back to compete in 2024.

But that was not the only thing the player revealed in his broadcast. On the other hand, Doinb opened up about the new inspiration he has to return to battle. Doinb states that he wants to shine again on the stages, as they are his home, this feeling he felt when he was at the LPL Top 10 Player Awards. At the same time, Doinb hopes that his son and wife will be able to join him next year and see him succeed.

During the broadcast, Doinb said it has been a bit difficult to get another team in the LPL because of his style of play. But at this point, he has a broader view of the competition and can bring a lot to a new team.