Does Dash say goodbye to the LCS?

Does Dash say goodbye to the LCS?

21. August 2023 by miranda angeles

After celebrating the 2023 LCS Championship, Dash will apparently not be back on stage. Last weekend may have marked the farewell of the beloved casters.

Dash says goodbye to the LCS

Dash, one of the most beloved and popular American casters in the LCS, may have given fans his last show. Apparently, last weekend was the last chance for all the caster’s fans to enjoy his talent on LCS broadcasts.

Following a post on the caster’s Twitter account, the community speculated about Dash’s departure from the LCS. Many people suggest that Dash was saying goodbye to his audience in that message.

Dash’s excellent work

Undoubtedly, the casters’ work in the broadcasts of esports tournaments, such as Worlds or the LCS, is fundamental. Each caster makes the event much more fun and enjoyable for the viewers. Dash, for his part, has done an excellent job throughout his career as a caster for North American esports. The LCS crowd loved Dash’s work. However, Riot Games fired him without notice, and the caster moved to VALORANT production.

Now, Dash returned for the LCS 2023 Championship held in New Jersey, but this appearance might be the last one his audience will enjoy. Yesterday, August 20, the caster posted the message “one last time” on his Twitter account, leading the entire community and league fans to believe he will no longer be present on LCS broadcasts.

Fans’ opinions on Dash’s farewell

Many fans have long considered Dash as the GOAT of LCS broadcasts. In addition, many consider his final departure from the LCS and League Esports to have marked a major setback. On the other hand, some LCS fans have commented that the analyst table at the Championship was good for the first time in a long time, thanks to Dash’s presence. In turn, fans commented that Dash made it possible for the grand final to be much more fun in itself.

Unfortunately, it seems that Dash’s path as an LCS caster has ended due to budget cuts and other changes within the league. On the other hand, Dash may not return to LoL NA competitions, as he previously commented that he should focus all his energies on other games.

However, we can’t say we will never see him again on LCS broadcasts. At the moment, Dash has not officially said anything about his definitive departure from the LCS or that he will rule out any future invitations to participate again. However, Dash is not expected to be present in the broadcasts of the 2024 season.