DisguisedToast Ventures into Tekken 8

DisguisedToast Ventures into Tekken 8

10. May 2024 by Never

DisguisedToast (DSG) is making waves in the Fighting Game Community (FGC) by entering the competitive scene of Tekken 8 with Phi “PhiDX” Lam under the backing of Chipotle.

Rising Talent: PhiDX

PhiDX, although not the most prominent name in Tekken, is well-known among fans for consistently performing well in online tournaments and making strides in offline events.

Journey to Prominence

PhiDX’s journey in Tekken began gaining traction at the end of 2020, participating in numerous online Tekken 7 tournaments and consistently finishing in the top eight. Despite his online success, PhiDX initially struggled to replicate his performance in offline settings, achieving 17th place at CEO in 2021 and 2022.


However, his name began to gain more recognition towards the end of 2022 with a notable fourth-place finish at Kumite In Tennessee 2022: The Finale and subsequent participation in the Tekken World Tour Finals qualifiers.

Steady Improvement in 2023

In 2023, PhiDX’s skills saw significant improvement both online and offline, achieving a fifth-place finish at CEO 2023, making his debut appearance at Evo, and securing a third-place finish at the TWT Finals LCQ.

Expanded Opportunities in 2024

Now, with the support of DSG and Chipotle, PhiDX is set to attend more in-person events than ever in 2024.

Commitment to Community Growth

DSG remains committed to supporting PhiDX’s content creation efforts, aiming to expand the Tekken community and attract new players to the game.

Strategic Partnership with Chipotle

This partnership signifies a strategic move by DSG to invest in rising talent like PhiDX, prioritizing the growth and development of the FGC.

Chipotle’s FGC Engagement

Chipotle’s involvement in this venture is noteworthy, as the restaurant chain has become a key player in the FGC, serving as a founding partner for DSG and actively supporting major FGC events like Evo.

Chipotle’s engagement with the FGC extends beyond sponsorship, showcasing a commitment to fostering community engagement and innovation within the gaming landscape.