DisguisedToast returns to VALORANT?

DisguisedToast returns to VALORANT?

13. August 2023 by miranda angeles

DisguisedToast’s search for a VALORANT head coach has fans wondering about a possible return of the team. Perhaps the team is looking for a second chance at success.

DisguisedToast’s start in esports

Earlier this year, well-known content creator and streamer DisguisedToast got its start in the esports world. DisguisedToast, to make its grand debut, introduced a professional VALORANT team. This VALORANT squad caused a sensation on social media. However, they failed to perform well. However, DisguisedToast might be planning the return of a new team for VALORANT esports.

A few days ago, DisguisedToast retweeted a post from last year where he asked his followers who was the best VALORANT pro out of contract. In this new post, Toast asked his followers who were the best coach available to be signed. In addition, Toast commented that he was considering reopening a VALORANT team.


As a reminder, Disguised recently toured the Challenger scene in North America. The team came into the tournament with very high expectations as one of the players was Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker, one of the best players of the moment. Undoubtedly, the signing of yay was a big step for DSG, and the whole community expected to see a good performance from the team.

However, the expectations were too high, and DSG did not achieve the expected results. We could see how the team struggled to settle in the league. Before the tournament, this team looked like it would be one of the best teams in the season. However, they failed to win any games and could only win two maps during the season. As a result, DSG finished in last place in the standings.

Then, the team participated in the Challengers playoffs but lost two consecutive matches, eliminating them from the circuit. It was undoubtedly a difficult and disappointing end to the season. Toast revealed that his time in the Challengers was one of the most challenging experiences of his career.

However, Toast is not giving up on his esports journey and has succeeded with his League of Legends team. Recently this team managed to win gold in the NACL tournament. Finally, after many attempts, Toast knows the taste of victory. On the other hand, their VALORANT Game Changers team also performed well and finished in third place, one of the team’s best seasons.

Now, we still have to wait to find out if DSG will actually have a VALORANT team representing them in the North American Challengers circuit again.