DisguisedToast considers playing with his LoL DSG squad in the LCS

DisguisedToast considers playing with his LoL DSG squad in the LCS

12. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, DisguisedToast has commented that he is open to playing in the LCS with its LoL DSG squad. However, he has also commented that he is evaluating other options.

DisguisedToast considers playing with its LoL DSG squad in the LCS

Finally, DisguisedToast’s LoL squad has known the rich taste of victory after winning the Summer NA Challengers League 2023. This year has been a year of victories for the team. After some setbacks along the way, finally, the team owner has achieved a tournament victory. Right now, DisguisedToast knows what it’s like to win in esports. That is why, DisguisedToast is now considering being able to participate in other leagues and other games.

DisguisedToast’s plans

Recently, DisguisedToast, the owner of DSG, was interviewed by Travis Gafford, who asked him about his plans. DisguisedToast has commented that he is ready to lead the team in 2024. He has also informed us that he is searching for new sponsors to make his esports organization reach new heights.

On the other hand, DisguisedToast, in the interview, revealed that he is open to the possibility of joining the LCS. This joining right now is possible as TSM officially exits the league. In addition, there are numerous rumors that some league member teams plan to sell their LCS slot. However, DisguisedToast, claims that joining the league would be much more expensive than it has invested in the team.

Later, DisguisedToast stated that it hopes to break even financially in the esports industry in two years. However, if he joins the league, this goal will not be met in the period he has set out. Then jokingly, Toast said, “I’ve heard that if you join the LCS, you lose more money than you make.” Also, Toast said in reality, in an esports organization, the more tournaments you win, the more money you lose.

It is important to remember that DisguisedToast has been financially committed to its esports squad. DisguisedToast revealed that its annual budget for esports projects was $1 million.

Challenges of an esports team

DisguisedToast also commented in the interview that running a financially profitable squad is difficult. Toast comments that you must consider many expenses, such as food, accommodation, transportation, and other expenses Riot Games does not cover.

Undoubtedly, DisguisedToast, since it launched in esports, has not stopped advancing. Toast has a great vision for the future and has expressed the possibility of participating in Riot’s new project, “Project L,” and has also commented that he could join other games of the developer.

All in all, DisguisedToast has a clear goal with its DSG. However, it still has a long way to go to achieve the most stable route to financial stability with winning teams.