Disguised Toast forms an Apex Legends team

Disguised Toast forms an Apex Legends team

23. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Disguised Toast has formed an Apex Legends team. With this new squad, the content creator now has four esports teams.

New Disguised Toast team

The ALGS championship starts in very few days, specifically on September 6, several free agency teams had qualified. One of these free-agency teams will no longer be unsigned. It is now part of one of the most popular esports organizations.

Right now, Disguised Toast has added another game to have a squad to represent them. This time around, Dude’s Night Out, the experienced team consisting of senoxe, lou, and dooplex, will be in charge of wearing the Disguised Toast jersey at the 2023 ALGS Championship.

The North American squad, representing DSG, finished second place and qualified for the championship through the Last Chance Qualifier. This team beat FURIA in the LCQ. However, in the final game, The Dojo team snatched the victory.

An experienced team

The trio of players in charge of representing DSG has great experience in the competitive scene of Apex Legends. All three players have experience competing with large organizations. For example, Lou and Senoxe were members of the Sentinels in the past. On the other hand, Lou also played with Complexity, CLG, and LANimals. At the same time, Dooplex is a former player of OpTic Gaming, the team that dominated the Apex competitive scene in 2021.

Toast’s strategy for its esports teams

Toast has jokingly revealed on his Twitter account what his strategy for esports is. The content creator comments that his new strategy is acquiring a squad that competes at the top level.

Toast has undoubtedly wanted to do things differently with his new squad, as the content creator has had to deal with many ups and downs while running Disguised. Now, with his tier two LoL team, he has won the 2023 NACL but is not advancing to the LCS. While his VALORANT team failed to qualify for promotion to the VCT partner leagues.

Now, if we consider that an Apex team comprises only three players, in addition, 40 teams from all over the world can qualify for the ALGS LAN competitions, it can be said that it is much easier to acquire an Apex team.

Although the Disguised Apex team does not come in as one of the tournament favorites, as they qualified through the LCQ, all other teams should not underestimate them. The trio of veterans has earned their place coming from NA. The region is considered the strongest in Apex esports. From the American region, only three teams have qualified, while from EMEA, eight teams qualified, and from APAC North, nine teams qualified. In addition to all these teams, seven teams from APAC South and three from South America must be added.

Now, all DSG fans must wait until September 6 to see how this new squad will perform in the UK.