Disguised Targets ALGS Triumph: Signs The Dojo with Star Player iiTzTimmy

Disguised Targets ALGS Triumph: Signs The Dojo with Star Player iiTzTimmy

18. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) is witnessing a remarkable collaboration as Disguised announces its acquisition of The Dojo, a team that has already made a significant impact in the ALGS circuit.

The Rise of The Dojo

  • Formed: March 24, 2023
  • Journey: Dominated the NA Challenger Circuit, earning a spot in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ).
  • LCQ Success: Clinched first place, securing a spot at the ALGS Championship.

iiTzTimmy and The Dojo’s Cinderella Run

  • Achievement: Fourth place at their first LAN event, the 2023 Championship.
  • Playstyle: Known for their aggressive and strategic gameplay, leading to a high kill ratio.

Disguised ALGS 2024 Roster

Disguised Toast’s Venture into ALGS: Strategic Signing of The Dojo

  • Disguised Toast, the founder of Disguised (DSG), recognized the potential in The Dojo, leading to their signing.
  • Content Creator Agreement: iiTzTimmy, under contract with 100 Thieves, was allowed to play for DSG due to a mutual agreement between the organizations.

Previous Investment in ALGS

  • Dudes Night Out: Initially signed by DSG but underperformed at the Championship.
  • Future Plans: Despite earlier setbacks, Disguised reaffirmed commitment to ALGS with The Dojo’s signing.

Financial Dynamics and Pro League Participation

  • Financial Stipend: ALGS Year Four includes financial support for partnered teams, aiding in roster promotion and fanbase development.
  • iiTzTimmy’s Sacrifice: Volunteered to play without a salary, allowing the stipend to cover his teammates’ salaries.

Disguised ALGS 2024 Roster

Upcoming Matches

  • Debut Match: The Dojo, now under DSG, will compete in their first Pro League match on January 27, against Group A in Group C.

Broadcasting Channels

  • Main Broadcast: Official PlayApex Twitch and Apex Legends Global Series Youtube channels.
  • Personal Streams: Fans can watch iiTzTimmy and DSG’s perspectives on their Twitch channels.

A New Era for The Dojo in ALGS

The union of Disguised and The Dojo in the ALGS marks a significant development in the esports scene. With strategic gameplay, fan-focused broadcasting, and financial savvy, they are poised to make a lasting impact in the 2024 ALGS season.