Diablo IV Season 3: Unveiling the Season of the Construct

Diablo IV Season 3: Unveiling the Season of the Construct

17. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The anticipation for Diablo IV’s Season 3, titled “Season of the Construct”, is finally over. Launching on January 23, it promises a thrilling ride for the defenders of Sanctuary with an influx of fresh content and challenges.

A Fresh Threat, A New Journey

Echoing the dynamic evolution of Diablo IV, this season introduces a novel menace within its seasonal questline, following the paths of Malignance (season one) and Blood (season two). Players will embark on a new season journey, complete with a revamped battle pass, ideally explored with a new seasonal character.

d4 season three elemental constructs

The Seneschal Companion: A New Ally

A standout feature this season is the Seneschal Companion. Players can enhance this ally using Governing Stones and Tuning Stones, thereby customizing its skills and abilities. This companion can be equipped with various attacks and abilities, ranging from melee and ranged attacks to healing and support functions.

  • Governing Stones: Dictate the companion’s attacks and actions.
  • Tuning Stones: Augment these skills.

These stones, available in 12 Governing and 27 Tuning variants, can be obtained through Vaults, Wardwoven Chests, and defeating enemy Constructs. Jewelers will facilitate the crafting and leveling up of these stones.

Delving into New Dungeons: Vaults and The Gauntlet

Vaults: Elemental Challenges Await

Vaults present unique challenges with mechanical enemy Constructs and elemental hazards. Players receive Zoltun’s Warding blessing upon entering, which decreases with each hazard encounter. Pearls of Warding can be used for additional protection.

  • Nightmare Vaults: Accessible in World Tier III, offering heightened challenges and rewards.

The Gauntlet: A Competitive Arena

While not a conventional dungeon, The Gauntlet offers a weekly rotating challenge with an accompanying leaderboard, encouraging players to strive for top rankings and eternal recognition in the Hall of the Ancients.

d4 season three companion menu

Quality-of-Life Enhancements

Season 3 also brings significant quality-of-life improvements:

  • Continuous Helltides: Now always active, with a brief rest period per hour, offering constant engagement opportunities.
  • W-A-S-D Movement: Introducing a new movement mechanic for enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Additional Stash Tab: Available for purchase in capital cities, providing more storage options.

The New Chapter: Season of the Construct

Diablo IV’s Season 3, the Season of the Construct, is set to be a monumental addition to the game’s legacy. With its innovative companion system, challenging new dungeons, and significant quality-of-life updates, this season is poised to redefine the Diablo IV experience.