Dev1ce is the best CS:GO player on the Overpass map

Dev1ce is the best CS:GO player on the Overpass map

26. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Danish player Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz is currently the best CS:GO player on the Overpass map. Since dev1ce plays representing the Astralis jersey, he has become the best player on that map.

Dev1ce is the best CS:GO player on the Overpass map

Even though Astralis is not at the best point in the CS:GO competitive scene, as they were left out of the last Major held in Paris; the team has significantly improved their performances in Overpass.

It can be said that this improvement in Overpass was reflected from the moment dev1ce rejoined in October 2022. This improvement is thanks to dev1ce’s impressive consistency.

According to data published by HLTV, dev1ce has only once dipped below 1.00 on Overpass since joining the Astralis staff. Furthermore, Overpass was the Danish player’s first map against Vitality in the 2023 season.

The Danish player’s numbers increased after that game between Astralis and Vitality. dev1ce’s consistency on this map has led him to star in multiple spectacular actions, where he takes complete dominance of the map. This fact can be seen in the following image.

image 354

On the other hand, dev1ce’s excellent work in Overpass has brought, as a consequence that all his teammates to have better results on the map.

Increase of Astralis’ stats in Overpass

At the same time, the number of Astralis victories in dev1ce has also improved. According to HLTV statistics, the team increased its winning percentage from a below-average 51.6% in 2022; these results were when dev1ce had only played with the team once in Overpass. The team has reached an exceptional 78.6% as dev1ce has played all Overpass games.

On the other hand, it can be said that the Danish player has been crowned the king of Overpass after defeating FalleN in the 2017 PGL Kraków Major. This is because the dominance of dev1ce on that map is so strong; even being out of the game for almost a year from 2021 to 2022 has not weakened his stats, or anyone has improved them.

According to statistics published by HLTV, dev1ce is the best player in Overpass. This fact has been proven after comparing the data of the other top three players on that map.

  1. dev1ce has a 1.49 rating, 1.70 K/D, and 92.6 ADR.
  2. s1mple has a 1.32 rating, 1.45 K/D, and 88.7 ADR.
  3. sh1ro has a 1.23 rating, 1.40 K/D, and 76.6 ADR
  4. ZywOo has a 1.17 rating, 1.31 K/D, and 75 ADR.

In a nutshell, it can be said that dev1ce is one of the best players on his team, along with his teammate blameF. The two players have averaged 1.24 on 84 maps, according to HLTV data.

However, despite the important contributions of these two players, Astralis has not found its place this season. Astralis is still far from being among the best teams in this esport.