Destiny 2 Server Issues Hinder The Final Shape’s Record-Breaking Launch

Destiny 2 Server Issues Hinder The Final Shape’s Record-Breaking Launch

5. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The eagerly awaited launch of Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion was poised to break concurrent player records on Steam today. However, massive server outages and persistent issues have disrupted the experience for many players, preventing the game from reaching new heights.

Server Problems Plague Launch Day

As Destiny 2 players eagerly logged in to take on The Witness’ forces in the Pale Heart of the Traveler, it seemed certain that the concurrent player record of 316,750 set by Lightfall would be surpassed. But according to SteamDB, server problems caused the attempt to fall short.

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Error Codes and Frustrations

Players were hit with an array of error codes, including CURRANT, PLUM, and CACAO, which kicked them out of missions and back to orbit. For some, this meant having to replay entire missions due to reset progress. Additionally, these errors have prevented access to key locations like the Tower, further disrupting gameplay.

Missed Cutscenes and Story Impact

One of the most frustrating issues for players has been the skipping of cutscenes due to error codes. These cutscenes are crucial for the narrative of The Final Shape, and missing them has affected the pacing and story experience. Many players, including myself, had to look up missed cutscenes online to catch up with the story.

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Community Reactions

The community has expressed their frustrations on platforms like Reddit. One player noted the detrimental impact on the story experience, while another referred to the expansion’s launch as a “disaster.” Many are now choosing to wait until the servers are more stable before continuing their gameplay.

Impact on Upcoming Raid

The server issues are also affecting players’ preparation time for the upcoming Salvation’s Edge Raid release on June 7. Bungie has been working tirelessly to fix the problems, but the community hopes for stability before the weekend to fully enjoy the new content.

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Key Highlights and Issues

Here are some of the most critical issues and highlights from the article:

  • Concurrent Player Record: The Final Shape was expected to break the all-time concurrent player record on Steam.
  • Server Outages: Massive server outages disrupted gameplay, preventing players from accessing missions and key locations.
  • Error Codes: Players encountered error codes such as CURRANT, PLUM, and CACAO, leading to repeated mission resets.
  • Missed Cutscenes: Important cutscenes were skipped due to server errors, affecting the story experience.
  • Community Frustration: Players have voiced their frustrations online, with some calling the launch a “disaster.”
  • Impact on Raid Preparation: Ongoing server issues are hindering players’ ability to prepare for the upcoming Salvation’s Edge Raid.


Final Thoughts

While the launch of The Final Shape has been marred by server issues, the anticipation and excitement among players remain high. Bungie’s efforts to resolve these problems are ongoing, and the community is hopeful that the experience will improve in the coming days.

As guardians wait for more stable servers, the potential for Destiny 2 to break records and provide an unforgettable gaming experience still holds strong.

Stay tuned for updates and prepare for the epic adventures that The Final Shape has to offer once the issues are resolved.

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