Destiny 2: Developers to Add Massive Rewards to New Onslaught Mode

Destiny 2: Developers to Add Massive Rewards to New Onslaught Mode

21. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Destiny 2’s ongoing journey sees the introduction of the thrilling wave-clearing mode, Onslaught, with the latest mid-season update titled “Into the Light.” The development team promises substantial loot rewards for players who conquer the challenging waves, particularly aiming at enhancing the experience up to wave 50.

Destiny 2 Onslaught Mode Receives Major Loot Buff

In a recent announcement on X, the Destiny 2 development team revealed significant changes to the loot system within the Onslaught mode. Recognizing a lack of incentive for players to complete all 50 waves, regardless of difficulty, the developers have responded by implementing substantial enhancements to the loot rewards.

The key changes outlined by the dev team include:

Change 1: A chance for one additional weapon to drop upon completing each wave. The drop rate will progressively increase with each wave, culminating in a guaranteed weapon drop upon reaching wave 50.

Change 2: Upon completing wave 50 in either difficulty level, players will receive a bonus weapon drop. This adjustment ensures that completing all 50 waves guarantees two additional weapons.

Furthermore, the developers mentioned an increase in Trophies of Bravery for deeper waves, aiming to make the entire run, which can span around an hour, more rewarding and enticing for players. These changes are expected to alleviate the prevalent sentiment in the community of resetting at level 10 and starting a new run, ultimately enriching the gameplay experience.

Anticipated Implementation Date for Onslaught Loot Buffs

In the same communication regarding Destiny 2’s Onslaught mode, developers indicated that they are targeting an update for the following week to introduce these changes into the game. Players can anticipate the release of patch notes around April 23rd, although the exact deployment date remains uncertain at this juncture.

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For players engaged in grinding the new mode, it may be prudent to await these impending changes before delving too deeply, as the forthcoming rewards are poised to significantly enhance the gameplay experience once implemented.


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