Destiny 2 Teams Up with Mass Effect: Here’s What You Need to Know

Destiny 2 Teams Up with Mass Effect: Here’s What You Need to Know

31. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Get ready, Guardians! Destiny 2 is set for an unexpected yet thrilling collaboration with Mass Effect. The new “Normandy Crew” package will be available in the Eververse store in-game, bringing a blend of iconic Mass Effect themes into the world of Destiny 2.

The Normandy Crew Package

This exciting collaboration includes:

  • N7 Armor Set for Titans: Inspired by Commander Shepard.
  • Vakarian Set for Hunters: Reflecting the style of Garrus.
  • Shadow Broker Set for Warlocks: Modeled after Liara.

Celebratory Freebies for All Players

To celebrate this collaboration, all players can claim the “Alliance Requisition Package,” which includes:

  • Enhanced Defense Shell
  • Alliance Exploration Frigate
  • Alliance Transporter Sparrow These items will be available for free to all players.

Additional In-Game Items

Players can also obtain the “Omnistrike Finisher” and the “Flowing Dance Emote” using Silver in the game.

Join the Trials

Starting January 30th until March 12th, the “Riven’s Wishes” event will challenge Guardians to complete weekly quests for symbols redeemable for treasure-filled rewards. Choose from the Strength Wish for Deep Sight weapons, the Protection Wish for exceptional Eclipse year gear, or the Beauty Wish for event memories and essential Ascendant crafting materials.

Mission with Great Rewards: Moments of Triumph

Join in the Eclipse year celebration with the Moments of Triumph event, running from January 30th to June 3rd. This event, available to all Destiny 2 players, leads up to the “Final Shape” expansion and honors the past year’s achievements in Destiny 2.

Completing the MMXXIII seal allows players to purchase the Moments of Triumph t-shirt from the Bungie Store through Bungie Rewards. Additionally, completing the “Paracausal Adventurer” triumph unlocks an exclusive patch to customize the t-shirt.

Anticipation for The Final Shape

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, “The Final Shape,” launching on June 4th, promises to bring an epic conclusion to the decade-long war between Light and Darkness. With new areas to explore and an extensive range of content, this year is set to be a monumental one for Destiny 2 enthusiasts.

Gear up for a year filled with grand space adventures and the exploration of new zones, offering rich content for both seasoned and new players of Destiny 2.