Destiny 2 Announces Echoes Act 2: Everything You Need to Know

Destiny 2 Announces Echoes Act 2: Everything You Need to Know

10. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Destiny 2’s latest update, Echoes Act 2, is set to launch on July 16, bringing exciting new content and features to the game. Among the highlights are three new Battlegrounds activities that promise to enhance the gaming experience for all Guardians.

What are Battlegrounds?

Battlegrounds are activities in Destiny 2 similar to Strikes, consisting of two encounters followed by a boss fight. These are part of the Vanguard playlist, blending elements of traditional Strikes with new mechanics. Bungie aims to further blur the line between Battlegrounds and Strikes, offering a seamless and engaging experience.

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New Content in Echoes Act 2: Storyline Continuation

Echoes Act 2 continues the dark and intriguing storyline that began in Act One. The narrative picks up from the cliffhanger where Saint-14 requested solitude after a disturbing encounter on Nessus. The Vex are undergoing mysterious changes, becoming more formidable and gaining new abilities. Expect “dark vibes” and an evolving threat as the story progresses.

New Battlegrounds

Three new Battlegrounds will be introduced in Echoes Act 2. Two will be available on the first day, with the third becoming accessible in the second week. The new Battlegrounds are designed to offer challenging encounters and rich lore, deepening the immersive experience of Destiny 2.

Preview of Delve Battleground

During a recent livestream, Bungie showcased gameplay from one of the new Battlegrounds, named “Delve.” This activity features new weapons, including the Aberrant Action, a Solar sidearm with a rocket frame. Players can look forward to discovering and utilizing these new tools in their battles.

Expanded Battle Pass Tiers and Rewards

Echoes Act 2 will also expand the current battle pass, adding more tiers and rewards for players to earn. This includes exclusive cosmetics, gear, and other valuable items that will enhance your Guardian’s arsenal.

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Destiny 2’s Echoes Act 2 is poised to bring a wealth of new content and features, including engaging Battlegrounds, a continuation of the dark storyline, and exciting new rewards. Mark your calendars for July 16 and prepare to dive into the next chapter of Destiny 2.

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