Navigating the Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating the Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2: A Comprehensive Guide

17. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In Destiny 2, the Ascendant Challenges form a core part of the enigmatic Dreaming City and its three-week curse cycle. From weak to strongest, each phase of the curse offers a plethora of treasures for the daring Guardians ready to venture into the Ascendant Plane.

The Six Rotating Challenges

Destiny 2 boasts six unique Ascendant Challenges, rotating weekly. These challenges are not just thrilling adventures but also a reliable source of Dreaming City gear, including coveted items like Waking Vigil, Tigerspite, and Twilight Oath. Completing these challenges yields a piece of Legendary gear, with an additional drop available through Petra Venj’s weekly bounty.

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Maximize Your Rewards

Each week, you can earn up to six pieces of Dreaming City gear from Ascendant Challenges alone, thanks to the character-based objectives.

Locating the Ascendant Challenge Entrance

To access the Ascendant Challenge, consume a Tincture of Queensfoil. Obtainable from Petra Venj or found in chests across the Dreaming City, this item reveals the entrance to that week’s challenge.

This Week’s Challenge Details (Jan. 16 to 23)

  • Challenge: Agonarch Abyss
  • Entrance: Bay of Drowned Wishes (Divalian Mists Lost Sector)

Completing the Agonarch Abyss Challenge

Located near the Divalian Mists landing zone, the Agonarch Abyss is nestled in the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. Combat your way through the sector, use a Tincture of Queensfoil, and enter the portal.

Tips for a Swift Completion

  • Titans can use Lion Rampant for sword-flying.
  • Warlocks with Heat Rises and Dawnblade have an easier descent.
  • Defeat the enemies at the bottom to conclude the challenge.

Earning Dreaming City Gear

With the Season of the Wish, Dreaming City gear has become even more relevant, thanks to new perks like Voltshot. While Blind Well remains a solid source, other Season of the Wish activities also offer these coveted items.

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Additional Ways to Acquire Gear

  • Weekly Bounty from Petra: Complete the Ascendant Challenge for an extra gear piece.
  • Offering to the Oracle: Earned from Petra’s weekly bounty, it provides additional drops and, during the strongest curse weeks, access to Queen Mara Sov’s throne room.
  • Daily Objectives and Bounties: Regular tasks from Petra that reward gear.
  • Weekly Quests: Complete Petra’s tasks for additional gear.

Remember, these challenges and rewards are subject to a weekly lockout per character. You can repeat them with different Guardians within the same week.

Embracing the Dreaming City’s Curse

The Ascendant Challenges in Destiny 2 offer a unique blend of challenge, strategy, and reward. Navigating these challenges efficiently not only enhances your experience in the Dreaming City but also ensures a rich haul of gear and rewards.