Deimos Operator Guide for Rainbow Six Siege

Deimos Operator Guide for Rainbow Six Siege

12. March 2024 by Never

Rainbow Six Siege welcomes the arrival of a new operator, Deimos, on March 11. Hailing from Birmingham, AL, with the name Gerald Morris and at the age of 51, Deimos brings a unique set of skills that can significantly impact gameplay. This guide aims to provide players with insights into maximizing Deimos’s effectiveness on the attacking team.

Deimos’s Loadout

  • Primary Weapon: AK-74M (Assault Rifle), M590A1 (Shotgun)
  • Secondary Weapon: .44 VENDETTA (Handgun)
  • Gadget: Frag Grenade, Hard Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade
  • Unique Ability: Deathmark Tracker

Unveiling the Deathmark Tracker and Its Strategic Use

Deimos’s standout feature is the Deathmark Tracker, a drone-like device that targets opponents. To use this ability effectively, players need to be aware of some crucial details:

  1. The Deathmark Tracker acts as a small helicopter drone, requiring communication with teammates about the marked opponent.
  2. Deimos has three Deathmark Trackers per round, each providing 15 seconds of marked time on the targeted player.
  3. While the ability is active, Deimos cannot use his primary weapon. Instead, he relies on the .44 VENDETTA handgun, balancing firepower with a limited magazine.

Deimos’s Playstyle

Deimos excels as an information-gathering attacker, and his Deathmark Tracker proves invaluable during the early or mid-round phases. Players can adopt a more passive playstyle, strategically using the tracker to provide crucial intel for the team.

Optimal Use of Deimos

  1. Information Extraction: Deimos shines when extracting information for the team, making him valuable in the initial stages of a round.
  2. Team Coordination: Effective communication is key when using Deathmark Tracker, ensuring teammates capitalize on the marked opponent’s position.
  3. Baiting Strategies: Deimos can be used as bait, luring opponents to one area while the rest of the team strategically positions themselves for an ambush.

Maximizing Deimos’s Potential While Mitigating Vulnerabilities

While it’s challenging to pinpoint specific maps or areas where Deimos excels, players should be mindful of his vulnerability during Deathmark Tracker usage. Avoid exposing him to multiple angles, and consider creative strategies to maximize his impact.

Elevating Team Tactics in Rainbow Six Siege

Deimos introduces a unique playstyle to Rainbow Six Siege, focusing on intelligence gathering and team coordination. Understanding the nuances of his abilities will undoubtedly elevate the tactical possibilities for attacking teams.