Deft’s Redemption Journey with KT Rolster in 2024

Deft’s Redemption Journey with KT Rolster in 2024

3. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

KT Rolster, a team synonymous with the highs and lows of the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK), faces yet another dramatic turn. The team, known for its fluctuating fortunes, now embarks on a new chapter with the return of Kim Hyuk-kyu, better known as “Deft”, in 2024.

A Story of Ups and Downs

  • Historical Context: KT Rolster’s journey is marked by moments of brilliance overshadowed by unexpected defeats, such as their double loss to T1 in the last Summer Split playoffs. This series of events leads to the unexpected return of Deft, a player once at the core of the team’s aspirations.

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Deft’s Initial Tenure with KT Rolster

  • Formation of the Superteam (2017): Deft was a key figure in the ‘superteam’ formed in 2017, aimed at toppling SK Telecom T1 and reclaiming the LCK title. The journey was fraught with challenges, culminating in a hard-fought victory against Griffin.
  • World Championship Stumbles: Despite high expectations, Deft’s tenure included missing the 2017 World Championship and a quarterfinal exit in 2018 against Invictus Gaming, in what was considered a premature clash of titans.

Criticism and Challenges

  • Facing Critiques: Deft’s performance, particularly in synergy with Cho Se-hyeong “Mata” and his lane phases, drew criticism. The focus on his shortcomings overshadowed the broader strategic issues within KT Rolster.

KT Rolster’s Struggles and Strategy

  • Team Dynamics: The team’s strategy revolved around Song Kyung-ho “Smeb”, but faltered against formidable opponents like Kang Seung-lok “TheShy”. Other team members also faced their share of questionable decisions.

Deft’s Path to Redemption

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  • A Changed Landscape: Since leaving KT Rolster, Deft achieved his dream of winning the Summoner’s Cup with an unexpected team. KT Rolster, meanwhile, struggled to regain its competitive edge.
  • 2024: A New Beginning: Returning to KT Rolster, Deft has a unique chance for redemption, both for himself and the organization, aiming to close out 2023 on a high note.

The Retirement Question

  • Speculation of Retirement: Deft’s return in 2024 dispels earlier retirement rumors, highlighting the fluidity of professional gamers’ careers. It emphasizes the importance of considering possibilities rather than certainties in the dynamic world of esports.

KT Rolster’s Rollercoaster Journey

Deft’s return to KT Rolster in 2024 is not just a comeback; it’s a quest for redemption. This new chapter for both Deft and the team symbolizes a fresh start, filled with the promise of rewriting a narrative that satisfies both the legendary player and his loyal fans.